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Monday, January 27, 2014

Recipe: Easy Basic Chocolate Cupcakes

yue's cupcake

I was browsing blogs for ideas on making homemade puree for my sweet lil princess, Hana..yes, she's yet to reach 6 months, but I already has given her solids..only pureed fruits added into breastmilk (I fully breastfed her btw), and make it very very fine and watery..this is because about 2-3 weeks ago she became increasingly hungry, until at 1 point, I can't ever latch her off from me..she sucked me dry nearly 20 hours/day..sigh..

Hence, my sis in law introduced me with a webbie on making homemade cerelac..and it turns out she also has many other recipes..i loved how simple they are..hence, she made this yummy looking raspberry cupcakes for her kid, so I myself salivated...I did not know where this cravings come from..sigh..

So, since no raspberries, no butter, it becomes no filling, no crumble haha

Hence, this is the recipe with a lil modification;
The original recipe is here

yield = 6 standard sized cupcakes (with a lil leftovers)
(can easily get more if add the raspberries I think..and go easy on the batter, since it will rise well)

1.5 c all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder

3/4 c fine sugar
1/2 tsp salt

*1/3 vegetable oil
*1/3 whole milk
*1 nos egg

few tablet discs cooking chocolate (this one I used beryls, its coin shaped)
1 tsp cocoa powder (I used vanhouten)

1. Preheat oven at 200C

2. Sieve the flour and baking powder togather

3. Mix vege oil, milk and egg in a 1cup measurement, if did not reach the said level, add a bit more milk.

4. Add bit by bit of the liquid mixture into the flour+baking powder combo and mix well.

5. Add the fine sugar and salt and mix well. Lastly I add a bit of cocoa powder and mix it sparingly..love the mixture of colours huhu

the texture of the batter

6. Fill in a cupcake mold halfway, add the cooking chocolate discs, then add a lil more till 3/4 full

7. bake for 20 mins or so and its ready!

Time for a verdict! (I am typing this while waiting for the cupcakes in the oven)



The surface is pleasantly crunchy, and the insides are soft..very well done..the choc discs melted and becomes the filling..I think next time I would've add more to make it more chocolatey..and its not that sweet to my tongue.. (well maybe because I was eating chocolate before haha)..however, the color swirls from the cocoa powder didn't show (shrug)..all in all, its a good balanced cupcake..easy! 5 mins preparation, 20 mins baking time!

Thumbs up!


ohhh...so lazy to watermark d pics..if u used them, plz link back to me at least :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Legend Curryhouse, Seri Kembangan

Its nearly a year since I last updated this blog :P Many things happen..I got pregnant, and now we have a beautiful baby girl..already entering 6th month..her name is hana..as sweet as a flower, as befit her name..

Well, lets start off with a review (salutes!)

The Legend Curryhouse, an out-of-the-ordinary north indian cuisine restaurant in Seri Kembangan. I have been to this jewel many many times, and yet, I still can't get enough of it. Truthfully speaking, the first time I've been here, the restaurant wasn't as posh as this. And that was about 5-6 years ago? I can't remember. My darling old friend Cita introduced it to me.

What makes this restaurant shines compared to the rest are;
-  the super delicious lamb veruval & egg sambal :P (errr..that's my humble opinion)
-  super delicious lassi (oso IMHO haha)
-  very cozy ambient
-  got delivery service (if order more than 4 pax)
-  got halal cert from JAKIM (most important point!)
- super near to where I stay hehe

I know that there's so much more indian restaurant selling  similar kinds of food, however, due to not having the halal cert, its pretty hard to convince others and even myself for a meal in their restaurant. Everytime I ate here, I fall in love with the food more and more..ahhh..how nice if it were cheaper..haha

Plain rice set (our all time fav!)

Bryani rice set
  The set comes with 4 dishes of delicious vegetarian cooking which varies everytime we went. Some of them are;

 Potato curry

 Brinjal curry

 Cucumber yogurt

Spicy long beans stir fry (I think)

 Okra curry

However, the 4 sides combi are endless! I sometimes got tofu..or soybean curry..or sometimes beansprout..and each and everyone of em are delicious huhu

Usually accompanied by this delicious potato dahl soup;

 Finally, there are 2 other soups; 1 chilled, another hot;

 I love the hot soup (the brown one), it is very refreshing and lovely with hints of spices. The white one is more like a plain watery yogurt drink. It has been explained by the manager of the restaurant that both soups are important to be consumed after meal to reduce 'heatyness' from all those curries, chillies and spices taken.

 Additional meaty dish which costs around MYR 3.50 - 8.00 depending on the type you wish to order separately. We used to order a variety of dishes just to test them out and these are some of the best ones;

 Egg Sambal (super! must have!)

 Fish Curry (just ok..)

 Mutton veruval (delicious!)

 Squid sambal (very delicious, albeit abit overcook)

 Vegetarian prawn sambal (loving this so much coz don't have to deshell the prawn haha :P)

 Before, we will get a bowl of green beans porridge with sago beads..its pretty tasty, although some might not prefer the hint of ginger they have..maybe that's why this dessert has been axed from the set (shrug)

And these are the additional condiment that you can ask from the waiter. No need to pay. Take only a teensy weensy bit because its like adding additional salt/lime/pepper to your dish. The black one is burnt chillies, green one is made of mint leave, and the red one is very sour.

For drinks, we prefer plain water (no charge) with the additional lassi drink.

 I love this plain lassi drink..sweet, sour and very refreshing..hubby said its the best lassi he ever tried before :D

Finish eating! finally! Hoho..

If you take 2 sets of plain rice with the addition of 1 egg sambal and another one meaty dish, it'll costs below MYR 40. Very satisfying. Caution! The servings of the rice are rather large! So although its a bit pricy, it well worth it. You should go only when your stomach is totally empty haha

 Look at how happy my darling is..always and always when we ate there we will totally enjoy ourselves..

The Legend's Family Curryhouse
No 225, Jln 18/23. Taman Sri Serdang (Very near to Maybank, opposite KFC/McD)
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Contact no: 03 8943 2236/3604
Website: http://www.legendcurryhouse.com/curryhouse.htm
GPS coordinate:
Status: halal

Rating: 8.5/10

Monday, April 29, 2013

Manga review: Psyren

A great shounen manga for all those peepz out there!

 Title: Psyren
Status: Completed
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Shounen, adventure, fantasy, psychological, comedy, sci-fi, supernatural, romance, mystery
Online reading source: mangafox

Written by Iwashiro Toshiaki-sensei, during the ongoing of this manga, it has stayed for quite some time on the top 10 chart in mangafox. I love how complicated and shrewd the storyline has been; it has a simple yet smooth start, how mind baffling at each and every turn of the development of the storyline. Simply put, psyren offers an original setting, gorgeous backdrop, complicated yet a smooth deliverance of storyline, ample character building, satisfying believable power-ups, with a sprinkle of romance to spice things up. Even the ending was good, which is rare in a lot of mangas. Its a very good manga which I believe could cater for the 18 and above.

Ageha Yoshina (black hair) and Sakurako Amamiya (white hair)

 The story involves (initially) of a couple of highschool students; Ageha Yoshina as the male main protagonist and Sakurako Amamiya as the lead female protagonist. At later stages, the plot develops further and introduces a variety of many other characters.

Other additional characters. There's so many more after that as well.

Yoshina is a guy who'll do anything with a fee of 10 000 yen, as he usually beats up bullies and stuff. Through a single phone call from a payphone, he received a call card which connects him to a world known as Psyren, through a conduit known as Nemesis Q. With the will to help out his old friend, Amamiya, he connected to Psyren and realized later in order to return to his world, he needs to finish up assignments given by Nemesis Q, which usually involves staying alive while being attacked by monsters known as Taboo, and to be able to move from one point to another. After being exposed to the environment of Psyren, all of the participants develop specialized abilities known as PSI with the expense of having brain damage.

Well, you know how shounen mangas always levels up nonstop in a short time? Yeah, its the same here. Nonetheless, the fighting scenes in Psyren are very creative, unique and exciting ! Always it is worth the time.

 Later on, the plot develops further where they don't just have to stay alive, but have to find the root cause of Psyren which was initiated by an organization known as W.I.S.E. And Psyren is actually the future of earth after destruction to boot !

 So do find the connection between high school kids, an idol, an orphanage center, a meteor, a payphone and aliens after reading this. Its worth it every single second of your time.

Some awesome fighting scenes;

 For more info, you can read up great insight on the characters of psyren at Psyren Wiki.

Rating: 8.5/10

Monday, April 22, 2013

Recipe: How tos: Easy Sambal Belacan a.k.a. pounded chillies with shrimp block

Yue's Homemade Sambal Belacan

What is a sambal belacan? Sambal belacan is a dip sauce for us to eat usually with grilled fish, plain rice and raw vegetables (as in salads). It is comprised mainly of chillies and belacan (shrimp paste block) and ofcoz there are other additional ingredients to vary it over. Always being prepared fresh, it's a very popular must have dip sauce in Malaysia and comes in various forms. If you visit the normal malay stalls or restaurants selling rice with varieties of dishes displays on a rack or table, the sides will always be sambal belacan. Because we can't live without it. Truthfully speaking. We can't go on without this hot and spicy paste/sauce. I usually can't eat rice if I don't have this.

Hence, I'm gonna teach a simple way to make sambal belacan.

4 servings (If you don't eat too much of it) = 1 small saucer

Belacan - 1 inch or so
2 Cayenne chilli pepper
5 Bird's eye chilli pepper/ thai chilli pepper
1/4 big onion/yellow onion
1 lime (deseeded)
1/4 tomatoes *optional
a pinch of salt

Don't know the differences between the chillies? Have a look here. In Malaysia, we usually used these 3 kinds of chillies for our cooking;

photo credits to google
Cayenne chilli pepper (about 2 1/2 to 3 inch long, usually long and slender)

  photo credits to google
Bird's eye chilli pepper (usually light green, around 1/2 to 1 inch long)

 photo credits to google   
Thai chilli pepper (around 1 - 1 1/2 inch long, slender and green)

Anyway, I usually used this kind of belacan for my cooking;

Any kind of it will do, but try not to get the ones with high red intensity coz it usually got colouring. Very dangerous. The darker version of these are way much better coz they are naturally made from fermented krill paste with salt and sundried. But the smell..aiyoo..it'll make u get a headache. Keep them in tight lid container n pop in the fridge. You can actually left them outside as well, no problem. Belacan won't expires. You can read some more infos about belacan here and here, though its in Malay..


Pop in all the ingredients inside a dry blender except for the lime. Pulse it to the desired consistency. Some people likes it course, some likes it fine. In the olden days, people usually pound it with mortar and pastel. It actually tasted better. I only do that if I got time hehe

Remove from blender and squeeze a lime. Give it a taste with ur pinky. If the taste is not right, adjust it. It should taste hot and a lil salty with a hint of sourness. Can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days in an air tight container. Eat with grilled seafood..yum !

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