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Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthdays 2009

Well, actually there's a birthday party thrown by my labmates last week :) It was a really nice one. For me, HF, Roger, PCF and Kok Wai..but Kok Wai was sick, he was unable to attend. This small party was done at Bukit Expo, and you know what? As a student for 4 years here, I actually didn't really know how to get there in my car *laughing* I was late some more coz of stomachache XD

Kak Irah cooked a super delicious you-dont-eat-you-die spagetti. I kept on licking the container of the gravy afterwards. There's also some drinks and a pretty cake.

D famous extremely mouth-watering spagetti... (I wan sumore T______T)

Everyone were eating..eating and eating...focus!

The cute 1.5kg cake from all labmates for us 4 (actually 3+1, Roger is not our labmate, but sort of a buddy..HF's bf)

PCF, Roger, HF and me hehe~ As if a guy with his 3 concubines XDXD
MF, Roger n HF :)
Iera wf our seniors..Kak Li Oon, Iera, Kak Anu..behind is Kheng2 :)

All in all, the party was awesome. I was forced by them to dip my nose into the cake.. gosh..btw the cake is from King's, really delicious, despite the cough syrup taste of the cherries haha

...mmm..tak saba waiting for my lil bro ni :) He's on the way to pudu to meet me. We will go back to our hometown today yay! *again?* yup! Home sweet home, here we come!

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