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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A cold day~

Wahlao, its really cold today. My watch; 10:21 am. (em, one of the reason is because I'm in an airconditoned laboratory) *laughing* Today, I'm supposed to demo to first years biotech students in Biophysical Chemistry laboratory. We were supposed to determine the buffering capacity of a certain buffer produced by a proper mixture of acetic acid and..hmm..i forgot another chemical..and titrate them using 2 molar sodium hydroxide. BUT. Those kids got exam today yay! Its postponed to next week!

Similarly my labmates also have exam, but a different subject, bioreactor systems. But I don't have, hehe. Why? because I've already taken the subject since I'm the only one already in my 3rd semester. Got A yeah! Its really an easy exam, since it covers the things that I'm good at (not trying to be cocky here). The stuff covered in the exam were the things I did for my undergraduate project as well as postgraduate studies. Everything is already in my head. It's fermentation technology + reactors. You can score if you are moderately good in calculations, physics, microbiology, and a lil bit of biochemistry.

So then what to do today? Wanna talk about new food? macam malas je..I don't want to turn this blog into a cooking blog although I love cooking. I think I will only put up simple cooking using simple ingredients for the 'not so wealthy on tight budget' students *laughing*

Well, next time I'll post a receipe for japanese curry (without using the cubes/paste), tomyam (also without using cubes/paste which means very economical) and some other simple stuff that are flying over in my head heheh.

p/s: I missed my family oh so much edi..gile ahhh..i wanna go back to my hometown T.T

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