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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fried banana

yeah, actually my momma made it this morning for breakfast with tea, but its not enough to me. That's why I made the kimchi fried rice *laughing again* But then I find that I should post the how-tos here. It not tough at all to make a flour coated fried bananas :)


bananas - can cut into whatever shape you like. but please do cut, the thinner it is the easier to fry
1 cup of wheat flour
1/5 cup of corn flour - to make it crispy
1 teaspoon of tumeric powder - yellow golden colour!
1 egg - sedap heheh
pinch of salt
sesame seeds *optional

Please remember, bananas are high in potassium, K, which assists in the flux of K+ and Ca+ ion transport between the cell membranes. Cyanides which inhibits this transportation can kill us immediately, so remember how important is banana please. Banana is also high in dietry fibres which can help people with GIT tract problems (gastrointestinal). So if you can't pass motion properly you can go for bananas :) BUT, banana's sugar content is so high it is equivalent to a plate of rice, to people who wanted to diet, reduce this yea..haha (i know this but i still made fried rice, pandai XD)

Enough ranting;

Add both flour togather, add some water gradually and mix them properly. Made sure dont make it too watery. It must be like a thick paste. If it becomes to watery, adjust with a wee bit more of wheat flour.

Add tumeric powder, egg and salt and mix. At this stage you might want to add a bit of water to turn it into a thick broth like a liquid chicken stock. Taste a bit yea. Made sure its not too salty. It won't taste good

Add in few pinch of sesame seeds into the mixture and coat your bananas with the mixture.

Fry in a preheat cooking pan/wok/whatever you have with an inch of oil (use whatever oil you have) at medium fire just about 5-10 mins or so.

Made sure don't fry too long since the sugar in the banana can react with heat producing Millard reaction. This reaction actually produces toxic. Alot of people didn't know this. That's the reason why people said McD's fried fries is bad for health. Actually anything that contains sugar you overheat produce the same reaction. Be it simple sugar or complex sugar.

Walah, fried banana for you :)

It doesn't look pretty *laugh* coz Ive eaten alot of em before thinking of taking a pic whahaha

Really good with a cup of earl grey or jasmine tea :)

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