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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kimchi Fried Rice (Bokkeumbap)

I made kimchi fried rice (also known as bokkeumbap, a simple low budgeted korean cooking) this morning for breakfast since there's alot of rice leftover from last nite. Heheh. Another reason is, my sister's matured kimchi was really well done (despite the over salty taste due to excessive usage of salt during salting process to the cabbages. Its not so bad. My 2nd kimchi making trial also got the same problem before).

The rice im using is a mediocre medium grain rice, contrary to the norm of a short grain rice usage. Hence, the texture will be slightly different with other bokkeumbap.

So, here's a pic of how a proper kimchi should look like. It is made of chinese cabbage + radish + green onion. Easy measy. I'll post the receipe next time.

So what you're suppose to do is to take around 3-4 large leaves with the gravy and all as a base (this is for 2 person's cooking k) and chopped them to tiny pieces.

Other ingredients;

1/2 big onion - slice properly please
3 garlic - slice oso nicely
1/2 carrot - slice to whatever shape you like
some chile de arbol (the green one). This one is extremely hot, so if you can't stand it, better don't put in please. Its gonna kill you softly when you eat after its finish *laughing*
some meat; be it sausages, small pieces of chickens or beef, its up to you. I put in chicken scallops since thats the easiest thing i found in the freezer.

Okeh! Lets start cookin'!

1. Saute the onion and garlic til frangrant using just a lil bit of oil in a wok (easier to cook).
2. Put in the kimchi and stir properly and add in the chillies and scallops. Stir some more. Please use medium fire, don't let it burn, won't taste nice.
3. Put carrots and put 4 scoopes of rice. (Basically 2 scoopes per person lah). Lower the fire at this point. Do it fast k. Don't let the carrots to overcook or you'll loose your vitamin A and sweetness :)
4. Stir well until all rice has been homogenously mixed. Add in some kimchi gravy if the colour doesn't look nice. You can put in soy sauce, pepper, and a pinch of salt. Check the taste and adjust.
5. Then, move the rice to the side of the wok with your ladle to make and empty space in the middle of the wok for your egg. Crack that egg in the middle.

 6. Let it fry awhile before you stir it. If not your fried rice will be clammy and wet. Not nice. Not nice :)
7. Cut some cucumber for additional vege as well as garnishing purposes. Get in some antioxidants in that tummy of yours! You can add on some chopped green onion and fried shallot if you like. Its ready!

My tummy is soooo happy huhuhu..

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