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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kulim~ here i am!

On a spontaneous whim, I decided to return to my hometown in Kulim (its a small town located at the north of Malaysia in the state of Kedah) at thursday nite after obtaining permission from my supervisor since the lab class on friday has been canceled too yeah yeah! :) At 5.15 pm after I thumbprint, i quickly gathered my laptop things and my purse and dashed to the nearest comuter station, which is at Serdang, changed to Bandar Tasik Selatan and went down at Plaza Rakyat, which is a walk away from the bus station in Pudu. Since i have a 'touch n Go', its really a touch away and its really speedy :)

Then, a guy approached me to ask when iam to, i said i wanted a ticket now (at which the time was 7.30 pm) and he said ok. I was shocked and extremely excited. I thought I got a really good deal. Yeah right. Stupid me.

The bus only moves at 8.30 pm, and upon moving, it went to another station at Jalan Duta to pick more people. Basically the bus really moved at 9.30++. Shyt.

Dah la the bus was so crappy. Take a look.

Dem, I usually won't even think of boarding such a bus. But I was desperate. The bus that i used to frequent didn't have tickets until at 11 pm. So I braced myself and reach home at the arms of my momma at 2 am. Dem them, 2 A M mind you. That's practically a freaking 7 hr traveling. Its as if I'm travelling a lot further ahead from Pahang to Kedah.

Hugged hugged hugged beloved momma *happy*

Its 7.30 am the next day! (14th Aug) God, i love home. I was so excited to go to the wet market~<3>

This is known as 'petai'. I don't know its english name. Its rather smelly, but o God, the taste is heavenly if we cook em with anchovies with the usage of grinded chili paste and shallot. I will post the receipe some time in the future. I've once isolated the fruit (err, seed? vege?)'s endosperm (i think) aseptically during tissue culture class when I was in my 3rd semester during my undergraduate studies. It grew prettily into a miature tree in a glass box. Gosh its hard XD

My mom buying some pineapples (funny kan? with the mask and all, H1n1 sake :P) I urged her to buy coz I wanna cooked sweet sour fish for dinner today. Won't post that yet, since it deviates from the 'low cost food' I'm promoting.

Some traditional homegrown veges sold on the streets of the wet market. Do you know that crabs sounded like doves? yeah it did. I once heard it at this market on one faithful day.

This uncle is making a 'roti canai'. A kind of bread made of flour dough+eggs thrown and spin in midair to give it crispiness through aeration *laughing* Fold2 em togather and fried using a flat pan wif minimal oil. We usually eat this bread with a 'curry dhal' or just sugar alone. There's many variation of this bread around.

The traditional bakeries sold with 3piece per RM1 :) Quite nice woorr..

At last, we bought lotsa veges, some fruits and fish..makerel and emm..bawal.. i dont know whats that in english :P Hahaha..I love staying at home~<3>

Before we went home, we went to eat rice (in the morning?!) ye la..nasi kandar kan? hahaha. This is my family's favourite nasi kandar shop owned by an Indian muslim, 'Nasi Kandar Haja'. I've tasted this rice since I'm in my momma's tummy *lol* It has a history of more than 100 years. My pa knows the owner well, Uncle Haja. The pic below is the friendly chatty uncle and his shop :)

Its at the heart of Kulim town. Can't miss it :)

These are the yummy curries! I can't live without it! If I return to my hometown, I will definitely eat here at least once. Its really really REALLY good. Especially the beef curry. Always ask the owner to put lotsalotsa gravy yum2!! until flooding heheh.

This is my rice, beef+egg+eggplant...mmmm~ jangan jeles :P

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