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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lab session

Last thursday was the mark on the completion of the first lab session in Biophysical chemistry class that I've moderated with my labmates. I'm actually the only person from a different lab for this day. It's because I don't have classes anymore, my 3 other comrades have bioreactor systems exactly during the lab session, hence they are moved to friday lab sessions.

There are actually two lab session per week for this subject because the students involved are too many. More than 80. Half will go to thursday, another to friday. These kids are bright and optimistic, although abit clumsy. Some of them did prepare well before going for lab, but some didn't bother. However, the things that I realize is that, these kids really learn fast :) I'm rather proud of them.

Last week, we went for preparation of acetate buffer and calculating the buffering capacity using the Henderson Hesselbalch equation. Easy task. BUT, the kids don't really can understand instructions kot. Many times they did things wrongly. Its an easy experiment at which you only have to titrate 2M NaOH with your buffer and take the reading for every ml you put in and plot a graph. Maybe they're a bit impatient. But all in all, the real problems lies on the malfunctioning of nearly 1/2 of the newly purchased biuret. Many groups have to share. Dah la have to repeat. AIGOOO...

My supervisor was giving them some explaination aka lectures on buffer preparations. Kids, better listen carefully. You're gonna use em soon enough if you stay on biochems line of work.

Kusyuk habes! :) You don't concentrate, you're gonna dig yer own grave man..work can't finish, make mistakes sumore..repeat la...

Today (approx the next week), we will go for the determination of the isoelectrical point of egg albumin (protein) by reacting them with 0.1M Mc Ilvaine buffer which consequently will lead to the plotting of a curve. Let's see how's the kids fairing this time :)

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