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My aim is to reduce the tension in my mind by sharing my thoughts and experiences in the things that I love; which I could not express openly due to circumstances. Be it in doing stupid things, experimenting on new recipes, failings in research work, writings..just some doodle ranting stuff

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi, i'm yue :) A 23 yo gal, with a passion for cooking and drawing who wanted a find a niche.

This is a place at which i will do what i like, talk what i like and rant as much as i like. All this while i admit i have been too business-like, hence i don't think i've managed to settle down my nerves, since postgraduate study life has been really taxing..mind you, truly taxing, i really need a place to express myself so that i won't feel this much burden to my neurons. i hate saying this, i'm a 'sort-of' a geeky kinda person, at which i always think in a scientific manner on all the things i do. This actually helps me to develop critical thinking since this way of thinking is very crucial if you want to be a high achiever in research field. Ops, forgot to tell, i am a researcher. Though, my heart prefers the simplicity of life. Well, there's someone out there who needs to continue forwarding the advancement of knowledge, i am just one of the many many many people who wish to take this path for the sake of us all, and for the sake of our future children. Darn, im becoming like a nanny!

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