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My aim is to reduce the tension in my mind by sharing my thoughts and experiences in the things that I love; which I could not express openly due to circumstances. Be it in doing stupid things, experimenting on new recipes, failings in research work, writings..just some doodle ranting stuff

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

meaningless rant~


another rant..

seriously, im like a dead fish here..its juz the 12th hour smpling..got 6 more samples..another 12 more hours..shall we go forward with a new dish to prepare? tapi mcm mls je nk upload gmbo T____________T aigooo...dilemma..dilemma.. am actually waiting for the centrifuge to spin another 3 more minutes to process the samples before proceeding with tests..

what did i ate today?

-corn flakes with full cream milk (bfast)
-1 twiggies perisa coklat (lunch)
-bihun sup pantas 15min siap! (got an egg, green onions, a sausage, and 1 tomato <- the only things in fridge, no time to do marketing) - ehem ini teatime :P -corn flakes, again (dinner) -2 dates, 2 biscuits (kuih raye, semperit n makmur)


*scary gary* @.@ its like i have a bottomless pit.. *feeling at a loss*

ohh..at last the spinning has stopped..hehe


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