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Monday, October 26, 2009



Wanna cut things short, this is the latest pic of the lab session from TEM and SEM 'fieldtrip' to IBS..

Incase my kids wants em..


Another set of rants..

Ops..its getting worse..

Actually i have tonnes of receipes to record here but just couldn't find a time to write and upload properly *sigh* this is getting me nowhere..i'm rather furious with my current research activities. Somemore, I'm feeling super down while being cramped up with so much work with so little time.

Am sorry for the layout that hurts people's eye when watching this blog..its suppose to be for a 3-panel layout, but i just haven't got the time to edit the html..the wallpaper was a custom made one, by me, from the latest illustration art on 1/2 ouji (half prince), a taiwanese manhua that i'm crazy about lately..the guy on the left is the main char named Feng Lan (or Prince, as his game name). The guy on the left is Gui ( fullname; Guillastes). I'll write a proper review later *scratching head* fcuk, my head is spinning..

Btw, I'm happy when i gotta know some of my students were furiously searching for this blog *laughing* I gotta say I'm pleased :) It's juz that it's rather personal, hence, I can't really give out the add rite? So it really is up to them to pursue for it huhu~

Dem, gotta finish this report i'm writing..need to send to my co-supervisor by tomorrow evening *sigh* i'm dem tired..

Well, my hot pick for today. A heart wrenching "Caruso", a Spanish song by Lara Fabian. She sings with deep feelings as if she experience it first hand. The best about this is that it has english translation at the bottom, so one can understand the meaning of the song..


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  1. mek. x nmpk tulisan la. buat la background opaque ke apa ka.


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