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Monday, May 31, 2010

Manga review: Guardian Dog

what a day..i haven't been writing for like a semester right? 1/2 year..already omitted out the troublesome background :) Today i went to a different restaurant to have my lunch. bottom line. its super sucks. i thought its a malay shop, manetau mamak shop full of smoking cocky students T.T *sigh* my head felt heavy today..aiyaaa..
today i'll write think i'd like to introduce a good manga fer y'all. It might be bias coz its according to my view only but i believe its a waste if people didn't try to read it.

Title: Guardian Dog
Status: Completed
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Ecchi, Supernatural, Romance, Shounen, School life
Source: Mangafox

Kurosaka Gengo


Well, its a story that's kinda deep at which one has to decide to go to d good side or d bad side. The good side is by destroying humanity, while the bad side is by protecting it. The defying of God. All starts from a single simple student named Kurosaka Gengo who has been consumed by Six Eyes, a parasite from space (I know it sounded nuts lol). The artist makes the storyline sensible, with lotsa action and drama that involves emotions. Its a balance manga which has a lil bit of love, a lot of action, a bit schoolish and innocence as well as human. One will really enjoy this especially boys, I think lah. The ecchiness is not much, juz a bit of fan service..

The ending was kinda abrupt, but satisfactory. One will not understand the relation of the title to the story unless manage to finish it. I recommend it greatly to all.

Rating: 7/10

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