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Monday, June 7, 2010

Manhwa review: Freezing

So cold *freezing* am so low spirited today..yesterday was really tiring..me and my hubby went to Nilai 3, a really big textile town..so tired, have to walk so far, and no aircond summore..so I was sweating like hell *laughing* but the best is all the clothing materials, interior decos as well as carpets were really cheap! The key point is that you must haggle haggle and HAGGLE!! if not you'll be shoved into the merchants pockets hoho

Today I would like to intro another action manhwa from Korea. The title, "FREEZING". Currently, there are 32 chapters to date. Full of chicks, their bodies are fan service types heheh, but actually the storyline are really superb, a combat type manhwa. I think boys and girls would like it, but please not the faint type, since it has a bit of gore although it is not written under the genre. I recommend this manhwa to peepz age 13 and above.

Title: Freezing
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Korean
Genre: Action, drama, ecchi
Source: 1000manga

See, told cha..lotsa chicks *laughing*

Some of the important characters.

The storyline tells us about aliens from a different dimension trying to conquer us. And the people able to oppose them are young women warriors trained from a school built by an organization known as Genetics; like Valkryie right? nope2, the guys are also involved with battle, but as protector or shielder known as limiter. This segregation were in place due to only women being able to receive the 'stigmata', the source of their combat power, hence placing them as the attacker. The men receive the power of the limiter from the women through some sort of contract.

So this story revolves around a young enthusiastic boy named Aoi Kazuya with extraordinary limiter power which can freeze space with an A grade student Satellizer L. Bridgette whom everyone is afraid of. Can't tell you much, dun wanna be a spoiler lol.

Part of the plot. The gal is elizabeth mayberry, 2nd in rank in the school.

Coloured version page!!

Rating: 6/10

p/s: the rating is a little low because the frequency of the release is reallllllyyyy low..about 1-2 months once I think but the story is worth it for me to wait.

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