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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manhwa review: Nobelesse

This manhua I'm introducing this time is an internet origin manhua. It means, the vertical panel is verrrry long, one must keep on scrolling down and down before going for the next page. The updates are not too frequent. Hence, I have to wait for quite some time to read this manhua. Another thing is, every chapter is very little (around 9-14 pge only). I suspect this is due to the really long panel lol

Title: Nobelesse
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Korean
Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shounen, School life
Source: Mangafox

Rai - i forgot the full name, its crap long haha

Frankenstein/Principal Lee

This manhua revolves around few school kids who associated themselves with a vampire of noble origin. The catch is, this vampire, Rai, has juz wakey from a slumber of 840 years. Hence, he doesn't even know about how to open doors, or play games, or ramen. So, he went to school with those kids, posing as a new cocky transfer student *laughing*. Its really comical, seriously. The storyline is well written, although the background of the panels are always left out blank. The bad guys are rather plain, but sufficient. And of course I love the 2 main characters, they're such a bishie!! The drawings of the character are really nice.

There're about 45 chapters of Nobelesse to date. I recommend this especially to girls who aren't scared of abit of gore, its really worth it. For the bishies of course. really. I tell you.

OMG~ so macho..cannot stand!!!

Rating: 7/10

p/s: Its a fully coloured manhua! XD

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