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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hokkien Mee aka Mee Udang Penang

I have been trying to make this Hokkien mee receipe for I dunno for how many ages but still did not have the time for it. Still remember..it was my fave when I was a lil kiddie before. The uncle hawker was kind and fast at making the noodle. Good ol memories. *smiles* Last week was the point of no return, as all the ingredients were smiling upon me at Pasar Borong Selangor *chuckles*

Hence, I would like to share with you guys my own rendition of Hokkien mee using prawns prawns and prawns :) It's like the heaven of prawns~<3 (Sori Jijong, jgn temuntah XD) Coz if you go to pasar borong selangor, you'll see soooo many cheap groceries, wet items and fresh veges~<3 Its like asking you to go for a shopping spree weee! For 4-6 servings Ingredients   

For broth
1 cup of dried shrimp
2-6 tbs of chilies paste (can be chili boh/or chili blend/chili powder) - dont forget to turn it into paste form
1 medium sized big onion or 5-6 shallots
3 small garlic
salts and brown sugar to taste
4 tbs vege oil
1/2 cube fish stock (anchovie stock)

For toppings
*30-50 cents bean sprouts (the chubby2 one from soybean, if dont have green bean oso can) so it can also be around 2-3 cups
1/4 kilos shrimps (medium size) - about 4-5cm in length [the bigger the better, but can reduce the number of shrimp]
*4 bok choy trees
2 hard boiled eggs
*2 cups of fish balls
fried shallots

*1 pkt of yellow mee/noodles (the wet oily noodle)
*1/4 pkt of meehoon/ vermicelli


Lets make the broth first :)

1. Wash your dried shrimps and soak them in about double to triple the number of cups you put in. Leave it awhile to swim happily.

2. In a wok, blend your big onion and garlic for about 30 sec and stir fry them until translucent and frangrant. It'll take some time. Make sure no water is present before entering the next step.

3. Add in your chillie paste, 2 tbs (mild), 4 tbs (a bit hot), I'd prefer about 6 tbs bcoz I can save some for the side paste. Use your ladle and stir until the oil came to the surface.

4. Move out all your chili+onion paste (from no.3), leaving the reddish oil behind, use the oil to stir fry your yummy shrimps for about 1 min, you can put a bit of soy sauce and salt to taste. put aside.

4. Blend those gorgeous soaked dried shrimps with the water togather for about 3 min. Must make it smooth. but not necessarily too smooth :) Pour em into a big pot when you put in together your paste (no.3) after topping up the water until 3/4 of your pot (I think its about 1.5L or so). Simmer with a close lid at low fire for at least 30-45 mins.

5. While waiting for the broth to be done, blanch your ingredients with the (*) sign lol..not more than about 30 sec each k. The easiest way for me is by boiling hot water in a pot and pour em on those goons and time it 30 while dancing :) Use a colander to filter your stuff and put aside.

6. Check your broth, remove any orangy foaming on top of the gurgling liquid. Use yer pretty ladle ait. After about 45 mins, put in 1/2 cube of fish stock, salt and brown sugar. Adjust accordingly. Please use your darlin lil tongue to taste it kay.

7. Everything's done, arrange from bottom to top in a bowl;

- 3/4 noodle, 1/4 vermicelli
- yer beansprout (cover the whole bowl)
- side by side: 1/2 or 1/4 hard boiled egg, bok choy, few fish balls, 2-3 prawns
-sprinkle; dried shallots

8. pour in your broth, and wallah! it'll be so dem delicious! Trust me.

The final look~ Tadah!!

So, my hubby loves it a lot.. He hates beansprout, but he ate em all yehhaaaa!

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