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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spaghetti Sardine in Hot Tomato Sauce

I craved for the hotness of bird's eye chilli (or chile de arbol) and the sourness of tomatoes last night. Hence I stopped by a grocery store and bought 3 cans of sardine..2 for keeping and 1 for cooking :) I gotta say everyone prefers cheap but quality goods aite? *laugh* so this little me bought sardine of seri melati brand..

before it taste so nice..just a hair lower (in taste) as compared to Ayam brand (in my humble opinion lah) But then that day, the bones were quite sharp, pearcing our tongue T___T really wierd..xde iso ke? but then the taste is still quite delicious..so xpe la...da beli extra pon :)

So this time a present a time saving, saliva dripping, low cost spaghetti sardine fer ya'll


5 chille de arbol/cili padi* according to preference (hot :medium-high)
2 bulb of big onion
2 tomatoes (big size)
1/2 tbs black pepper
1 can sardine (the normal big size)
1 tbs corn starch
1/2 chicken/anchovie cube
3 tbs vege oil
salt to taste
and of coz yer spaghetti la kan (go for 4 persons serving)


1. Cut into cubes - big onion, tomatoes

2. Mince yer chille de arbol

3. Stir fry the onions until fragrant. It'll take about 2-3 mins onli

4. At the same time, make sure to boil yer water and put in the spaghetti on another stove. Usually i did it before i start making the sauce. Add in 1 tsp of salt with 1 tbs oil and stir abit while boiling. This is to avoid the clumping of the noodles.

5.When frangrant, pour in the contents of the canned sardine, put in a lil water to gather all tiny bits..we dun wanna waste ait? everything is money these days.. stir while breaking the fish pieces to tiny bit and stir..the oil'll stings the hand a lil, so i advice ya'll to wet the hand that you use to hold the ladle a lil..but not till drippy lah..

6.Then put in the darling lil chillies with the black pepper..stir nicely..when mixed well, you'll havta dump in the rest of the cubed tomatoes..juz put in everything..Add a cup or 2 of water and let it simmer awhile..hmm...i think about 10 mins like dat...stir abit once a while to make sure it didnt stick on pan.

What it looks like after 10 mins..

7. Adjust the taste with salt and chicken/anchovie stock. If its too watery, put in the corn starch..if its not, let it be :)


Coz i made it for 4 persons and mia familia only consists of mia hubby and me, so there's lotsa leftover..I made em into sandwiches for the next day's breakfast..just add in 2 tbs of mayo inside and stir..i made it for the whole bantal of gardenia bread :P I even packed the extra for my labmates after i packed enough for my darlin' hubby..hoho

p/s : anyway, if u dislike the fishy smell of sardine, u can squeeze some lime in..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chicken feet with shitake mushroom stew; Yue's style

Haha..i juz make up the name while writing the title..Am not sure what I'm cooking, its a receipe from my mom when I was a lil kiddie. I made this last night after I make chicken percik for dinner for my darling hubby. *sigh* I went home late, again. At about 9.45 pm this time, and I determined to let him eat something decent from the house's stove..really pity him. So, this was suppose to be his breakfast, of coz, with white rice.

Well, it might look gross to someone, but really it tastes really good..succulent tender meat tempting your soul..if you cook it correctly though *laugh* So, for a start, try it first before judging. My hubby were scared of it, but once he tasted it some time ago, he became addicted to it

For 4 hungry zombies


1/2 kg of chicken feet (cut off the nails, peel any hard skins, chopped the feet into to parts; its long 'arm' from this spread 4 toes foot)
5-7 cm of ginger - julienne or slice thinly oso can5 garlic - julienned
3 big onion - cut to half and slice thinly5-7 mushrooms, depending on the size, if big put 5, if small put 7 - cut into 4 (vertically then horizontally)
1 tbs thick soy sauce
1/4 cup light soy sauce (i subtituted both with a local sweet soy sauce and salty soy sauce, tamin brand)
3 tbs vege oil
1 1/2L filtered water
some pepper


1. Use a pot, quite a big one and pour in the oil at medium fire. Put in big onion, garlic and ginger and stir fry em until fragrant + translucent (for the onions of coz)

2. Wash the feet properly. Drain away any blood present, sieve by using a colander, and dump in all of em into the pot like below. Then stir again for 3-5 mins.

3. After the chicken feet turned a little translucent (you will notice if you see em properly). Douse in both of the soy sauce, thick one, and light one. You have to homogenize the solutions and pour the 1 1/2 liter water in. Well, to me as long as the water is about 1 1/2 inch over the chicken feet, its fine d..Cover the lid and simmer at the lowest fire for at least 1 - 2 hours. Then just throw in the mushrooms inside and simmer another 1/2 hour. Below is what it looks like after the simmering.

4. Always stir when the water becomes little so that yer 'feet' and 'mushy' din stick to the pot..The sauce right now will be sticky and delicious. Taste it and adjust accordingly. If too salty or thick to your taste, put in some water, if to bland put in sumore light soy sauce, little by little. Dont just dump in a cup, your heart cant stand it then haha.

5. At the end of the day, put a lil bit of sesame oil and stir after you switch off the stove.

Well then, serve with hot rice!

Seriously delicious :)

p/s : It can actually be cooked in a crock pot, juz leave it overnight at low, so that you wont have to wait for it. For me, i didnt use crock pot, put i cook partially and continue to simmer when i want to eat.

Sup urat kenting UK

Monday's delicacy still shrouded my mind as my hubby took me to the all famous restaurant named 'sup urat kenting UK' (famous from blogs of coz). There's also an article from the main local newspaper about it (you can read it here, its in BM). Am not sure what does the UK stands for (takkan la united kingdom..ulu klang kot haha..or mebe uncle karim kot..geez..at last maybe its just spells out its name^^;;), but urat kenting are the tendons or joints of a cow. It is said that the parts were simmered for long hours until it becomes tender and melted into the mouth when eating it.. *saliva dripping*.. so lovely! The soup was heavily spiced up with lotsa herbs..so it really warms the tummy with a hint of spicyness while tasting the light delight of soft spongy materials in the mouth..the veges present that i detected were some crunchy celeries and tomatoes..which really complements the softness of the tendons and brings up the flavour ;)

We reached the eatery at about 9.30 pm since I have some labwork that I still didn't complete. Well, its actually about 15 mins drive from serdang, which is really near tol sg. ramal. A lot of restaurants were located at the same area. At that time, its already packed with people.. hmm alotta people eat out lah these days. We got a seat inside and ordered the all famous soup, some satay (seasoned chicken skewer) and fried rice (pattaya and thai)

The satay reached us within 5 mins.

Its 80 cents/piece, quite expensive, but worth it..since the meat were alot..i ate about 4 or so i've already felt full..alamak, macamane ni ^^;.. The soup came in about 15 mins later (RM 7/bowl now i think).. and the rice came in about 30 mins after the soup. Its a long wait, but since the fried rice were really delicious and hot from stove, i dont really mind..My rice, thai fried rice, didnt feel like thai at all coz it lacks the synchronizing taste of sweetness, sourness as well as saltiness, but nonetheless, still nice and acceptable. At the end of the day, i have to shove the rice in coz im so so sooo full..

It's a really happy day heheh~ :) I'd give 7.5/10

Sup Urat Keting UK
Syeksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

Tel = Alang 017-341 2007 Nor 017-315 8966
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