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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sup urat kenting UK

Monday's delicacy still shrouded my mind as my hubby took me to the all famous restaurant named 'sup urat kenting UK' (famous from blogs of coz). There's also an article from the main local newspaper about it (you can read it here, its in BM). Am not sure what does the UK stands for (takkan la united kingdom..ulu klang kot haha..or mebe uncle karim kot..geez..at last maybe its just spells out its name^^;;), but urat kenting are the tendons or joints of a cow. It is said that the parts were simmered for long hours until it becomes tender and melted into the mouth when eating it.. *saliva dripping*.. so lovely! The soup was heavily spiced up with lotsa herbs..so it really warms the tummy with a hint of spicyness while tasting the light delight of soft spongy materials in the mouth..the veges present that i detected were some crunchy celeries and tomatoes..which really complements the softness of the tendons and brings up the flavour ;)

We reached the eatery at about 9.30 pm since I have some labwork that I still didn't complete. Well, its actually about 15 mins drive from serdang, which is really near tol sg. ramal. A lot of restaurants were located at the same area. At that time, its already packed with people.. hmm alotta people eat out lah these days. We got a seat inside and ordered the all famous soup, some satay (seasoned chicken skewer) and fried rice (pattaya and thai)

The satay reached us within 5 mins.

Its 80 cents/piece, quite expensive, but worth it..since the meat were alot..i ate about 4 or so i've already felt full..alamak, macamane ni ^^;.. The soup came in about 15 mins later (RM 7/bowl now i think).. and the rice came in about 30 mins after the soup. Its a long wait, but since the fried rice were really delicious and hot from stove, i dont really mind..My rice, thai fried rice, didnt feel like thai at all coz it lacks the synchronizing taste of sweetness, sourness as well as saltiness, but nonetheless, still nice and acceptable. At the end of the day, i have to shove the rice in coz im so so sooo full..

It's a really happy day heheh~ :) I'd give 7.5/10

Sup Urat Keting UK
Syeksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

Tel = Alang 017-341 2007 Nor 017-315 8966

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