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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fish head curry~simply delish!

Oh, btw, happy new year!! its really awesome for the local soccer team to win the suzuki cup *claps2* Am in delight coz got sudden holiday last fri :) kipidap guys and giv moi more hols later *giggles* btw i don't know anything about soccer pon :P

Its been a rather disappointing week. It seems my work macam din went well lao.. *sigh* so turn to writing a lil to soothe this poor heart of mine.

Yeah, as the title says, fish head..zzz..not any fish head, its the red snapper head..it costs me RM30 for 1 head only walao~ TT___TT I made this last saturday I think, again, for my in law's family. The first half was made a week ago..coz there's only 2 tummies to eat, we kept half to share the delight the following week with others. People said eating fish head is a nono *tsk2* 1. coz you can get stupid *laugh* 2. coz it costs as expensive as the meat, so better buy meat, why buy head, no meat there ait? Wrong2! I ate this during the ol days when me mama feels like to award us wif sumthn..smthn like a good score or a gathering of whatnots :) When cooked properly, the flesh on the bone head is really tender and juicy, really marvellous and perfect! yum2!! din eat it for more than 3 years I think. Can't remember when..

SO, this is the receipe. Juz the way my mom taught me when I was little. Luvya mommy!


For frying the head
Fish head (halved) - red snapper is the best for me!
2 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp corn starch
ample amount of vege oil that 1/2 submerges the fish

For preparing the curry
4tbs vege oil
4 tbs fish curry powder
2 med size big onion
3 cloves garlic
1 ginger flower/bunga kantan
1 lemongrass - crushed2 tomatoes
a number of okras/ladiesfinger (i put in about 8)
1 asam keping (is it dried plum? err..i think not ^^;; juz google it)
+-1L of water
enough salt according 2 ur tastebud
1/4-1/2 chicken stock cube (if necessary)


1.Wash the head thoroughly, front and back. Clean off any scales. Waaaa...the fish look shooo cute huhu

2. Prepare yer other vege ingredients. Blend the the big onion and garlic, cut the tomatoes into 4, behead the hard part of the okra. Cut the ginger flower to half, julienned half, cut another half into quarters.

The ginger flower is the one at 6 o clock, pink in color, okra is the green one :)

3. Powdered yer fish with tumeric powder, salt and corn starch. Go for any creek and curves..leave for like 5 mins and then fry it at medium fire for like 5 mins each side.


Aiyaaak da goreng~<3>

When done, put aside.

4. The blended big onion+garlic combi must be stir fried until the oil yer put in comes out (juz put about 4 tbs oil). Stir3 until its so frangrant, you dump in 4 tbs of the fish curry powder (whatever brand oso can lah..i use adabi). Immediately put 1/2 cup of water to avoid the curry powder to burn. Stir and make em homogenous.

5. When the oil comes to the surface, put in about a litre of water in as well as asam keping and lemongrass. Leave it to boil at medium fire for like 10 mins and add in yer salt and pepper a lil oh and oso both quartered ginger flower.

The curry broth will look watery like this.

6. Add in yer fish, front first (the cute face first), leave it a while (about 5mins), then turn (5 mins)..do it proper as not to let the flesh crumble. Put in the okra,let it simmer for 2-3 mins with close lid, plus the tomatoes and lastly the julienned ginger flower . After 1-2 mins, serve hot.

Finally hoho

Before adding the fish, the curry will be a bit watery, dun weri, that's normal. After you put in the fish, it'll get so godly thick and yummy and sticky nyahahaha..

for 4 servings, but we ate juz the two of us..gemok2!! *tepuk perot* hoho XDXD

Whaddaya think? better try em out!

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