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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Big B's - Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra team!

My heart still trembles since yesterday as I went to enjoy a 2 hour symphony at the Malaysian philharmonic Orchestra with my hubby on our date night togather. It was really energetic and lovely. There's no such thing as wanting to sleep like in the movies when two geeks went out of their place and sleeping throughout the pieces althogather. That's a hoax, i tell u, a hoax XD

The place where the hall is at, KLCC XDXD nice place, but too much ppl..don't like hmm

At first we purchased the tickets online (everything was seriously spontaneous!) and retreived em at juz before 8.00 pm at the counter. The performance started at 8.30, but we're required to enter before then, if not, we'll be shut out until the next 'recess time' (btw, there's a 20 mins break in between the intervals) Neway, this place has a dress code. It depends on the types of performances being progressed at the designated time..it could either be lounge suit or smart casual..no jeans..and especially no slippers..So we suit up (like what Barney always likes to say :P) and march bravely into the unknown huhu

The beautiful Petronas Philharmonic Hall..very2 nice..seriously..
The pieces performed were written by 2 famous composers, Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) and Joseph Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) led by Claus Peter Flor as the conductor.

Macho man, Mr. Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)

Grandpapa Joseph Anton Bruckner (1824-1896). He's actually known for his simple mindedness..shooo sweettt haha

The first symphony by Benjamin Britten is known as Sinfonia da Requiem (Op.20) with 3 movements; Lacrymosa (Adante ben misurato), Dies Irae (Allegro con fuoco - Alla marcia - Avanti!), and lastly Requiem aeternam (Adante molto tranquillo), which lasted for a full 22 mins. Am no musician or devout appriciator, but I'd say its not so tranquillo as it seems..its so strong, yet so solemn and tragic..personal opinion lah. This guy aaa..the article said, this symphony was written for the japanese king celebration, but why la not cherry n fun..it sounded so sad, nonetheless its really grand and mind blowing I dare say.

Mr. Joseph Anton Bruckner composed Symphony no.9 in D minor with 3 movements; Feierlich misterioso, Scherzo (Bewegt, Lebhaft) - Trio (Schnell), and Adagio (Langsam, feierlich) which lasted for 62 mins, actually is said to be an unfinish work. He died while drafting the 4th movement..pitied him..it would've been really good..I prefer this symphony rather than the previous one (no offence mr ben, urs are nice too but not my type). It has a heavenly feel especially at the third movement. This piece made me all of a sudden close my eyes and feel the richness with my heart and soul. It is truly a masterpiece..I love it so much :) My only regret is that I couldn't've recorded it or captured it. It's a marvellous moment that only can be feel when you attend it yourself, not through some recordings. 

And I'd said it's worth every penny, to the young, and the old, or students of no knowledge in music, it heals the soul, especially this one soul which is under constant stress due to lab work (pointing fingers at myself).
The venue was super! I looked up and I saw swirling 'stars'. The stage was poised in a professional manner, and the seats are cozy and close which makes you feel that the orchestra was performing solely for you. Go and feel it yourself and you'll know what I mean (wink!)

Event: The Big B's; 26th Feb 2011
Venue: Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Level 2, Tower 2, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Performing group: Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Claus Peter Flor
Tickets : RM 40/person (middle row) (price varies according to location)
webbie to check out!: http://www.mpo.com.my/
The best part that I loved, the 3rd movement from 9th symphony of Bruckner from a different orchestra group;

nice kan? cari sendiri d rest huhu..

oh, btw, i dont own any pics here..all pics r d copyrights of their respected owners XD

Friday, February 18, 2011

After 15day CNY report XD

A steamboat consists of a hotpot of chicken soup with goodies inside..yummy!

It's CNY!! and I'm already back from my hometown since Sat and on my way home, this pathetic me stopped by at the laboratory I'm working in and started to do some work like a dog for 2 whole hours (this is after a 5hour drive trip).

What we did prior to returning from hometown was making-our-own-hamper session for my family..all the goodies thats not healthy but with reminiscing moments are add in..love letters, plums, herb candies, butter cookies, seaweed snacks..and the list goes on and on lol

The things bought from Grand Union..cannot stand la going there..all jajan wanna buy one..crazy haa.. XDXD

Tadddaahh! Hamper done, after 1 hour!

I did havta spend alot, considering I'm married T___T we havta give angpows to all my family members..nonetheless, looking at their expressions while receiving the 'bounty' or 'falling durians' was priceless XD

The best part about CNY is that I manage to eat steamboat! Lotsa lovely seafood and veges (yum2!!), the all favourite bangkuang chaa (stirfry shredded turnips with carrots in bean paste) and sour veges yummmmmmy!!! And of course I know how to make all of em and will one day post em up here sometime later haha..

Table setting for our all-day-eat-till-you-drop makan2 marathon :)

We got all kinds of marines, balls, chickens, noodles..you name it!

And lastly..mi mama...(God bless her!) she bought me a present! Its a sewing mechine~<3 a real functional sewing mechine Brother XL-2630 (jumping up and down!) Am sooo soooo sooooo happy! Actually I dunno how to sew, and I've been given a crash course on sewing for 1 day nonstop @____@ I think my head spin2 as I tried really hard to absorb all the facts and memorize all the basic functions.

Awww...my new baby.. :) You can see the specs here.

Hence, I made a cute purple tutu for our house's pet, Bellgy..a Belgian breed. She's so docile and cute wearing the ornament. I need quite a length of cloth to do all the gatherings.. it was quite tiring I dare say.. haha..

Awww...shoooo cute...
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