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Friday, May 27, 2011

Recipe: Fried beef lung with brinjal in dry hot chili

Ahh~ sooo long didn't drop by to update any receipes. It has been ages right (+-3 months or so :P) I made this a long time ago. It was an all time favourite of my hubby. Contrary to believes that all of my receipes originates from my mom, I did perfected this one myself because my family didn't eat food based on organs, I learnt them from friends :P Its not healthy..but it is ohhh soooo scrumptuous! I'm starting to drool already..forgive me

This receipe is based on 3 main items; the brinjal, the beef lung, and ofcouse the course chilies. It has a savoury superrr hot taste (laughing). Yeah. I cannot live without hot food, I will loose my appetite. This is quite an easy receipe, but not really healthy. But well, it shall be consume sparringly maybe once fortnightly I guess (smiles)


1/2 kg Beef lung - cut into matchbox size thickness
1 1/2 bulb spanish onion/big onion - juliene 1 bulb
5 bird's eye chilies/chile de arbol - optional (this will be moderate hot)
4 cayanne chilies
1 medium size long brinjal
1 tbs vege oil - for brinjal
3-4 tbs vege oil - for main cooking
enough oil to deep fry
1 asam keping or 1/2 lime
salt and pepper to taste

Preparing your beef lung

Beef lung is smelly, and don't taste good if you don't know how to prepare it first. We dont just cut em up and cook em. We havta boil them in a generous amount of water (with 2 tsp salt) at medium fire until all of em turns black, inside out. So check it by taking out 1 and disect at the middle to have a look at its inner part. One more point to consider, boiling these will let all the scums ooze out..I think it'll be more than half hour give or take.

While waiting, let prepare the stuff


1. Take the chile de arbol, cayanne pepper as well as half of the untouched big onion and pulse/blend them dry. Don't add water. If you're having difficulty of the size, do cut em to small sizes first.

2. In a different pan, lightly fry your brinjals using 1 tbs of vege oil after you cut them diagonally, with about 1/2 inch thick. This should take about 1 - 2 mins tops on each side

3. Add 3 tbs of vege oil and fry yer julienned onions till frangrant and add in the pulsed chili paste. Stir well for about 5-10 mins

This is what the brinjals will look like (err..this is abit overcook haha)

4. Close fire and set aside for awhile. Take out the beef lung from the boiling water and pat it dry. Use a kitchen scissors to cut them to thin slices..not too thin k..just abit thicker then bacon. Pat again and deep fry. Please take note that the oil will pop2 here and there due to the excess water present in the pores. So do becareful.

Sizzling hot oil frying the lung pieces.

5. When its done ( I think it will take about 7 mins to fry - the indication is the became crisp outside, and springy inside), add in all of the beef lungs together with the brinjals into the chili paste before with the asam keping. If u dont have this, just squeeze half deseeded lime into it.

6. Stir juz for a few mins more and add in salt and pepper to taste. For me 1/2 tsp is good enough. Can of course add more to your own liking.

Final presentation! Sooooooooo yummmmmyyyy..

p/s: When I reread this post, I realize the amount of salt was wrong, its in teaspoon not tablespoon..if not it'll be too salty..sorry..

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