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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Instant Seasoned Chicken skewer/ Sate segera la..

During last time's MAHA's campaign on agrobio food product held in UPM (oh idk when..so long ago..very absent minded), moi, having the heart of aunty2..cannot stand la..everything oso want to buy..and I would like to show this delish food product that I purchased.

Tadah! Scrumptious seasoned chicken skewer..so soft..so succulent..just lightly fry on 2-3 tbs vege oil and immediately consumed..of course the bamboo skewers are not provided (only for illustration perposes cewah!)

It is known as Jumain Satay Goreng, which means, Jumain Fried chicken skewer.

The packing. Am not sure that I've seen anywhere yet haha

The seasonings were well done..I could taste the aroma of fennel..the frangrant lemongrass..the sweet onions..all combined into one silvery pot of goodness..hmmmm~hmmm.. (starting to drool) aiyok! Well, there's always a downside when there's a good side ait?

The bad side is;

1) To me, the chicken meat is too little T___T carnivore wrarrrr! (with RM8/pck) - i think it is intended for 2 person only..feels like I ate about 3-4 80cents skewers from Urat kenting UK haha
2) The dipping sauce is rather watery (but actually quite nice)
3) No nasi himpit (pressed rice(?)) - its a must when serving these skewers
4) No doses of antioxidants T____T (my fav cucumber)

aaaaaa...*golek2 ke kiri dan ke kanan*

Zee peanut sauce..madamoiselle~ (bows floridly)

Nonetheless, it is a good product! (thumbs up!) I recommend to all especially if got friend overseas, give em surprise goodies, meleleh air mata n ingus teringat kampong halaman harharhar..im saying they'll surely turn emo..100% guranteed!

Food category = Instant
Food product = Instant Seasoned Chicken Skewer
Name = Jumain Sate Goreng
Price = +- RM 8-10/pck

Ratings = 7/10

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