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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry :D

Well, yesterday I've updated the blog updater to a newer version coz it seemed to be able to help me upload pics faster and better. What can I do that it backfired..*tepok dahi* aihhh..after I updated it, all my pictures present in the blog lost its ability to locate link. WTF!

Do anyone knows what this stupid thing means? (It seems that I'm the stupid one here coz so IT illiterate)

"Error 403

Your client does not have permission to get URL /_N6kC1kjLTgA/TQmHEk5FRhI/AAAAAAAAATs/SMRfvbuHdBo/s1600/P1070844.JPG from this server. (Client IP address:"

aiyaaa..gila ka...i didn't even change any settings ni T.T

Even when I tried to convert back to the old editor, nothing changes..the links' damage stays permanent.

Do I really have to change everything MANUALLY?

So pissed.


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