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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chillied fried chicken/Ayam goreng berlada

Nice, and super hot! (i allow you to salivate right now)

This entry is my hubby's all time fave. He told me my receipe differ slightly from his ma, which gave quite a distinctive taste. I've cooked this receipe about 3 times in a month when it comes to rice days (THAT, is a quite a number when the total number of rice days are twice a week = 8 days). That's 37.5% frequency for you. Two other all time faves are Belacan dry stewed chicken and curry chicken (will be posted in the near future). These at least comprised of the other 30%. Hence I'm only allocated with about 30-40% chance to try new recipes each month, statistically saying. (sigh). He is just sooo cute! Like lil kiddie :D

Enough ramblings! I present you my authentic chillied fried chicken

For 2 persons (if they eat alot of chicken), or 3 (so-so lah)


For preparing and frying the chicken
1/2 or nearly half of the chicken, cut into bite size ( alil smaller then kfc) - wash, cut off all fat etc
1/2 tbs tumeric powder
1/2 tsp salt
enough vege oil to immerse or half immerse the chicken

combine all these with a sprinkle of water and let it sit like 15 mins

For the gravy
 1 large size yellow onion - julienne
3 cayenne chilli peppers
6 birds eye chilli peppers (chille de arbol)
1 tbs oyster sauce
1/2 piece asam keping (can be replaced with a sqeeze of lime)
 a dash of salt and white pepper
a pinch of chicken stock cube (i prefer maggi coz its dry and brittle as compared to knor, so can pinch how much want w/o hassle)
3 tbs oil


 1. Fry the chicken at medium heat on the stove, make sure that the pieces aren't drippy with the marinade so that the oil wont pop. I prefer adding the chicken a wee earlier before the oil get hot. This way, it wont pop so bad, its really cool if i can purchase the oil cover for my pan (sigh). I wud usually put the bone side down first, it'll take longer to be properly cooked..I guess about 5-10 mins give and take. The indication would be when the blood oozing from the bone are cooked.

2. While letting the chicken became yummy and crispy, lets proceed to making the gravy. Dry blend/pulse half of the julienned onion with the rest of the chillies (cayenne and chile de arbol). Make it a somewhat course paste.

 3. Use oil to fry the remaining onion till really fragrant, this'll take like 2-3 mins. Then add the blend course paste into the wok. Stir summore until the oil cover the surface of the paste, i think about 5 mins or so. This step is important in order to give a nice hot texture to the chicken. If not cooked properly, your stomach will be upset due to large amount of chillies (searing pain or even acid reflux).

4. Add the oyster sauce, stir 1 min, then asam keping. Pour 1/4 cup of water in. Why? This is to facilitate the flavour from the asam keping to be harmonized with the rest of the ingredients (Do remember it is in a dry state previously). At this time, add all the seasonings; chicken stock, salt, pepper. Keep on stirring to avoid the gravy to stick to the wok. Taste and adjust.

This is what it looks like before adding water.

5. By now your chicken on the other stove should be ready. Close fire and toss em from all the oil. It'll be much finer with a kitchen towel.

6. Add the chicken in the gravy (the gravy shouldn't be too dry k) and stir until the paste dried up and stick to the chicken. This is very important in order to infuse the hot flavour to the chicken. Trust me, the chicken will still be crispy :)

Well, serves hot with warm rice and a vege dish! (saliva drooling....)

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