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Monday, July 18, 2011

Foodie destinations: Muar, Johore (II)

Haaa..right now I'd say we're ready to present the saliva dripping yummieness of a foodholic me (tak sedar perot xmampu) eating what I can in this Empress town, Muar, Johore, Malaysia.

While we were walking, I neglected this one delicacy we're munching. It was a dry noodle soiled with delicious sweetish chili paste (I think this is just cayenne pepper). The crunchiness complements the sweet-salty-sourish sauce (known as sambal) that made me want more and more. I learned that this is a standard junkfood for a Muarian, be it your average school kids to teenagers. Oh and its only 70 cents. (OMG!!). Noly said at her time its only 20 cents (ExtraOMG!!). The name's 'Mee Pusing'.

Delicious Mee Pusing. It's deliciousness heavily dependent on the sambal used :)

We actually ate at the bus stop area, known as Bentayan. Just a few steps ahead from the parking lot. The open air eateries comprised of a number of stalls encircling a simple folded tables and plastic chairs. Its a order, get your food, and pay on the spot kinda thingy. All the food came about 5 - 10 mins or so.

Authentic Mee Bandung Muar (Bandung Noodle Muar style). The gravy is made of coursely blended dried shrimps with sweet potatoes with many congregations unknown to this humble me (ashamed to say I've tried making this but to no avail). There's noodles, chicken, eggs, veges, beansprouts...ahh..simply delish. How to describe the taste? A savoury somewhat hot taste with a sweet edge. I cannot classify it with savoury or sweet, it is a medley of both blossoming into a rich delectable with exploding emotions with just a single spoon. Don't be fooled by those Bandung noodles out there, it does not, and i repeat DOES NOT taste the same as this.

 Laksa Johore. I've post an entry of an Assam Laksa based from Ipoh, and this is the other variety of laksa in Malaysia. Its a first for me too. Unlike the sourish taste of mackerel congregations with a minty flavour of Laksa Ipoh, Laksa Johore has a unique spicy currylike flavour and texture; heavily laden with coconut milk. I felt like eating curry with rice fatty noodles (laughing) and the taste is simply exquisite! Its not as hot as mee bandung muar, yet has a creamy spicy feeling to it.

This looks like an everyday fried rice (nasi goreng) for you right? Tsk2!! no-no..this is Nasi Ayam Goreng, and you'd know the difference between nasi goreng ayam, coz its chicken rice being fried. This is something different for me oso. Wahlao..and I asked the kid who sent the food, "where's the chicken, kid? u said nasi goreng ayam?" He made a bewildered face and said, "Gali la akak, kat tengah2". Haha..the chicken was embedden inside the rice XDXD. I only tasted a spoonful of this heavenly bliss. And I am flying.

Tauhu Goreng (or izzit tauhu bakar?) Not sure, but this is made from soy bean tofu, cut and grilled, and topped with a delish gravy of sugar with molasses and shrimp paste, with a sprinkle of roasted crush peanuts,  blanched beansprout and fresh shredded cucumbers. The gravy is a popular fruit dunking sauce used by many in Malaysia. The taste is somewhat so-so. I think this is because the tofu used aren't as fresh as it should, and the frying/grilling was done poorly. Its a shame. I love tofu, and I would know the exact texture of a fine one when I munch into it. Taste, sweet with a tinge of hotness plus crunchiness.

Yong Tau Foo is a synonym one meal dish that we can get from any night market (pasar malam). The ones featured here are the ways a Muarian would eat; with soup ladled into a small bowl, where the goodies will be pick, dunk and eaten with a hot chili based sauce. To my surprise, the soup was rather sweetish, unsure either its the real taste or the taste from the sweet baby corn. Noly just told me that the soups were cooked with radish for flavour. All the goodies are the product of tofu, squid cuttings or meat balls. The cook will blanch all these with a bunch of water spinach, a different kind of vege from the normal spinach. Its my first time having a sweet soup, which I'm not really into..mybe with some practice.. (laughing)

The open space area for eating.

Medan Selera Bentayan (well, its the name I gave duh :P)
Near the, Bus station Muar,
Johore, Malaysia
Coordinates : N 02.05038 E 102.56993
Note : Food stalls are open starting from 7 pm, there are many ports, choose any.

Rating : 8/10

 Nasi Ambeng, Pagoh, Muar, Johore

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I've submitted this to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday (A joint blog event between Test with Skewer and 3 Hungry Tummies). I hope I'm doing things right lol


  1. So many delicious food. Selamat Berpuasa.

  2. Selamat berpuasa to you too Diana, yours are much better :)


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