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Monday, July 18, 2011

Nasi Ambeng, Pagoh, Muar, Johore

I've been waiting for the next day to arrive asap coz I can only get a delicious breakfast known as 'Nasi Ambeng' (Ambeng rice) from a roadside stall in Pagoh, Noly's hometown. Am a bit worried coz her ma told us that the stall hasn't been operating for a number of days T______T. Ambeng comes from the name of the tray used to serve this rice. Still being practiced by the Malaysian Javanese till today, the tradition of eating nasi ambeng came from serving a large amount of rice with the side dish topped directly on in in a big round tray where 4-5 person will share and eat together. It is said this will promote tighter kinship. However, Noly's pa told us that people usually will takeaway the rice  for their family after eating them a lil, for tradition's sake.

At about 8.30 or so my hubby and I has been given an L-size banana leaf fold each (to our merriement! yay!). Inside it was the most mouthwatering heart craving rice I've eaten in a while. Wow! I think the portion is as good as for 2 pax (tamak punye psl, amik gak sorang satu). There's sambal goreng made from tanghoon, taufoo sheets (fucuk) and tempeh, fried noodle in soy sauce and molasses and chicken ungkep cooked with generous local herbs and spices (will try to find this receipe soon!), and the best of all, the shaved coconut floss (6 o'clock, picture below); the definition of nasi ambeng. All these are the accompaniments to the cooked rice. Perfection, I would say.

Aerial view. I ate and ate and ate. Couldn't stop munching (crying with joy). I think its MYR 3.50/set. This delicacy is dry in nature, so foodie out there's who's not used to eat dry food will feel somewhat weird. This dry style is similar to a rice delicacy in East Malaysia, Kelantan, Nasi Kerabu.

Next, her ma coaxed us to try the 'Soto', a delish comprised of compressed rice with herbed chicken soup. And, its the best soto I've ever tasted in my life (crying, again, with joy). It is many times much better then my own rendition of soto. The chilli sauce was really hot! (made from a lot of chile de arbol with dark soy sauce and sugar + something else). The soup was not that heavily spiced as compared to certain shops around KL, it tasted refreshing, hot, and a wee bit salty; perfect with cubed rice. Some shredded chicken, beansprout, and some chopped coriander leaves. Delicious!

Lastly, didn't manage to taste this, cakoi..a kind of fried dough dipped in sauce. Ohh..how I wish I could take at least a bite. This snack can be obtained nearly anywhere in malaysia especially in morning or night market, depending on the region. It is a chinese delicacy originally; usually eaten with congee.

What I would like to point out is that the local Javanese choices of breakfast was a heavenly bliss, and to them its just another day, another meal. Usually they will go for satay (chicken skewers) and soto, besides ambeng rice, for breakfast. If like this I oso wanna stay in Muar TT___TT Even their roadside stalls taste fabulous! No need to pay alot to get a delightful meal.

Well, I manage to pinpoint the stall. It is located near a telephone booth in front of the Pos office of Pagoh.

Nasi Ambeng Stall
Also selling;
- fried noodle
- soto
-many others (not really sure)
Estimated time of selling: every morning of about 7.30 am - before 10 am (we went again to check at 10, its already closed)
Coordinates : N 02.14802 E 102.77031 (Note that this coordinate is across the road from the original location)

p/s: The road in front of the stall is an alternative road connecting Singapore to Melaka without toll.

Rating: 9/10

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Am pleased to present a delightful Muhibbah Malaysian Monday for all :D (MMM). Check this blog as well, 3 Hungry Tummies :)


  1. tetapi sesungguhnye sgtlah sedap..kakya dah try wat aym ungkep tuh..sdp siot..u pon akn suke..kya taulah unye taste XDXD

  2. Mmm, sounds so delicious especially the coconut floss. I have never had nasi ambeng before but if I go to Muar, will definitely check out the stall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I heard about nasi ambeng from my junior who used to study at Johor. But I never seen or eaten it before.

  4. Shaz, my friend told me that if the floss is not nice, everything else will tastes bad :D

    Diana, i will try to make the whole set of rice when i return to my hometown in Kedah so that i can share with my family members. If its a success, I'll post the recipe here :)

  5. and 'pucuk' MUST be spelled 'fucuk'... genius...!


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