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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bistik Egg/ Telur Bistik


I write about this due to some demand from my darling sis's friend, Kak Syahida and a few more friends :) Another 2 really easy recipes on request are Stingray in Taucheow-plum (the syiok sendiri name that I give one) as well as Kueyteow Kungfu (tak tipu, really, its the real name, and no, the noodle don't dance or jumpe or do karate). Yeap, I'm gonna write about all of em in one go..of course in a different posts heheh

Telor Bistik or bistik egg is one of the popular side dish, really2 strike the fondness in my darling hubby heart coz its the kind of egg where you add in meat in it. (He's abit of a carnivore)This dish can be found on nearly any menu in a malaysian restaurant serving the usual dishes like tomyam, ayam merah or daging merah, the usual telur bungkus..bla bla..If a telur bungkus (wrapped egg) has gravy with full of sweet sourish goodies inside, the bistik egg is totally the opposite, at which the gravy outside, d egg inside..simple

And until now, I still wonder why the name's like dat..if actual spelling in english, peepz out there will spell it as 'beefstick'..hmm maybe it originally got beef inside? only the inventor and God know now XD

Well, this is just my rendition;

3-4 servings; to be eaten with white rice, ideally with another vege dish and a meat dish

2 eggs
1/4 chicken breast (or any fleshy parts, no bones plz)
1 medium size big onion/spanish onion - julienne
2 cloves garlic - julienne
2-3 tbs mix vege (the one with peas, cubed carrots and corn)*choose either
mixed hard vege (DIY urself-eg, carrots/cauliflowers/baby corn/etc) - go for 1/4-1/2 cup - cut em a lil small k
1 tomatoes (1/2 quartered, 1/2 cut to cubes)
1 tbs tomatoe sauce
2-3 tbs chili sauce
1/2 tbs oyster sauce
some light soy sauce (dun use kicap tamin/kipas udang etc ye)
some vege oil
a dash of pepper
a bit of sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 tbs cornflour
1-2 cups of water
2-4 chile de arbol*optional
for garnishing - some coriander leaves, sliced cayenne pepper*optional


Making the eggs
1. Take 1/2 of the julienned big onions and stir fry em in a wok with a bit of oil til fragrant at medium fire
2. Add in the cubed chicken and stir sumore til opaque. Add some light soy sauce to it. Keep on stirfrying for 1-2 mins more. Move out and let em cool a wee bit and we can start with preparing the sauce yea.

Making the gravy
1. Add in the rest of the big onion with garlic and stir fry til fragrant preferably in the same wok (juz now didn't have water ait, hence it'll be no prob if it stain abit)
2. Add the oyster sauce, chili sauce, tomatoe sauce and stir. Don't add water yet, I'd say we let em became crisp and the sputter of oil hurts the hands

3. You can add bruised chile de arbol now if you like, if not just continue with a cup or two of water and make em homogenize. It depends on how much gravy you want really. Add in veges and let em simmer. Remember, the gravy aren't suppose to be thick yet, so its really ok if its watery

Okeh, lets prepare the eggs
1. Beat the eggs til fluffy and add in a dash of pepper and some light soy sauce. You can replace with a pinch of salt if unavailable.
2. Combined the eggs with the cooled chicken cubes as well as the cooked onions prior to the addition of tomatoes

3. Fry it in another wok. Why? Coz we want the egg to have some depth for it to hold all the chicken pieces. Well, if you like flat, can oso use the flat frying pan. Basically you're making an omelette with goodies inside XD

By the time the eggs are ready, you can dish out in a nice plate and pour in the simmering gravy after adjusting the taste with some salt, sugar and pepper, as well as the thickening of the liquid with dissolved corn flour.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and some chillies like the first pic

How to know what it taste like? It has a balanced salty-sour-sweet taste with a hint of hotness. The mildness of the gravy is dependent on the chef in charge who should adjust it according to the respective family's tastebuds.


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