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Friday, August 12, 2011

Taucheow plum Stingray~The cravings of all time :D

I made this because I'm tired of eating the stingray with the normal asam rebus/pedas style..and I dont have a grill to make a babeque stingray..we bought 1 1/2kg before..tamak nye pasal :P tapi the flesh was soooo exquisite. ah before starting I must teach how to get a good stingray before cooking.

 How to choose a good Stingray for cooking
Credits to my beloved ma for this~

1. pick the whitest flesh you can find (nowadays can't find really white ones anymore, but a bit pinkish is ok)
2. look for the ones with vivid grains (the lines of the chunks were obvious)
3. choose an adequete size - don't go for the palm size one, you'll taste nothing..better bought the ones already cut to big pieces
4. smell it, dont ever bought the ones with urine smell @__@||| very bad tasting

Note that within 1-2 weeks in frozen condition, the taste of the fish will still be exquisite

And yeah, if yer google the name, you won't find anotha like this baby, coz its a syiok sendiri name that I gave. It does not have any relation with the teowchew peepz (whose cooking I adore so much~<3 especially the Loh Pak Kor)...drooolll (got pork one, of coz I can't eat XD) Well, this name actually came from my pa, I remembered he used to call taucheong/tauchu as taucheow (he was a hokkien btw)..and the plum..err..juz my craziness for sourish things taking over, tsk..tsk (grin)

Well, surprisingly, it tastes really good! The taste of the sour plum really brings up the flavourful bean paste and the sweet sweet flesh of the stingray gave it a final overall completion of heavenly texture and flavour. I heard the angels singing when I taste it haha

Well, a really good side dish with hot steaming rice :)

Servings of 2-3

3-4 clove garlic - chopped
1/2 bulb big onion - julienne
2 cayenne chilli pepper - julienne then pulse (dry blend)
2-3 chile de arbol - bruised
2 tbs bean paste/taucheow (i love the ayam piru brand, the texture is exquisite as compared to the others which were too salty! really, my big pot of bangkuang cha was destroyed juz because my taucheow was not nice T__T)

 the texture of the taucheow..
1 tbs oyster sauce
2 sour plum - soak in water for +-30 mins

stingray enough for 2-3 person :)
3 tbs vege oil
pepper and light soy sauce to taste
(hmm..did i put anything else..xingat la..i made this a long time ago edi)


1. Add in both garlic and big onion into a wok with heated vege oil and stir fry until fragrant and translucent.
2. If you want your dish not to be too hot, add in the dry blended chillies now and stir fry until crisp, and then go for the taucheow..you must keep on stirring this til the paste was fried well..it'll sting a lil huh, but its worth it
3. When you feel that the taucheow is crisp, add the oyster sauce and stir sumore.
4. Drain the plum and add in with 1 cup of water together oh and don't forget the chile de arbol.. At this point the liquid will be a lil watery, but already has a thick consistency. Let it simmer like 5 mins. If its a wee bit dry, add in a lil more water..

5. At this point, do some tasting to adjust to your tastebuds. If too salty or sour, go for some water, if too bland, add some salt and a dash of pepper to your liking. If you like you can add chicken stock at this point, but juz a pinch
6. Add your beautiful fish and cover lid for 3-4 mins at medium fire.

Done! easy right :) I hope that you realize after the dish was ready, you'll get to sample a sweetish taste that came from the fish, and that's why its important to use a good fish for the dish

Try out and lemme know

So yummmehhh~ hmmmm my hubby loves it although he dislike sour food

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