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Monday, September 5, 2011

Eid-ul-Fitr of 2011/1432

 Happy Eid to all :)

After 1 tiring-but-super happy week, I am back. Here. Again. At the same spot.

My head and my heart are still there, at my hometown, refusing to follow me here to step back to reality. I can't even push myself to continue finding materials for writing my thesis, although there's more than 10 tabs of articles from various journals waiting meekly for this damn sluggish eyes to discern their contents and make use of em. (sigh)

My raya was different from the rest, like always. I'd say that I might be one of the not-so-often-comes-by antisocial peep (kinda) around. I think its juz me (maybe), coz my other family members did went around visiting some of their friends. Raya in Malaysia means visiting relatives as well as friends and eating your heart out at those different locations near and far. For me, I'm already contented with spending my time with the close circle of my puny family consists of my mom, my big sis and my two lil bros besides my darling hubby. Well, the part on eating is of course a must :) I don't know why I'm like this. Maybe coz I'm always on the run all the time, never going on a vacation together with them at all after I entered matriculation, only going back once a blue moon..it makes me value and treasure the scarce time I had on every single waking moment of my life with my family when I have the chance. Although, they didn't seem to notice my weird introverted obsession to them (laugh). Hubby was really understanding; he knew I missed my family intensely, and the selfless him sacrifices his time with his family for me and my family. I'm happy, yet deeply troubled with guilt. Sigh.

The best thing about raya would be the granting of permission from my ma with the exclusive rights to cook food for more than 30 people with ingredients and utensils covered. HAHA. I like! At my hometown, I can use big BIG pots and pans, casseroles, pyrax and ceramics..juz name it, anything! (I know I'm weird, but I prefer 'unique'). Hence, I decided to prepare two sets of food comprised of our yearly comfort food, a delightful yet refreshing chicken soup for eating with cubed rice or vermicelli and an array of dishes for Nasi Ambeng.

 The chicken soup was a must; my siblings love a healthy and light chicken soup made in a big 10 L pot. Although its quite easy, the most weird thing is that we only made this during Raya. The soup must be simmered with the chicken carcass and herbs at least for 6-8 hours before it could be presentable enough to be eaten. I think I've refilled the pot 3 times and recook. I believe everyone consumed an astonishing cumulative amount of more than 20 L soup give of take. The soups are used as broth for eating noodles and rice cubes.

Yep, I've been introduced to an authentic Nasi Ambeng in Muar previously by my darling friend and I immediately falls head over heels for it. The delish adventure was recorded here :) There were 5 main items for a basic nasi ambeng; the rice, usually medium grain or thai fragrant rice; the chicken cooked with coriander seeds, cumin and fennel known as ungkep chicken, the coconut floss seasoned with tumeric, herbs and spices, the noodles fried in molasses and crushed candlenut and lastly a dish with fried tempeh and all the tofu derivatives with a tinge of chile de arbol. To me it was awesome. But my family didn't like it, too dry they said. Pity haha. Nonetheless, I'm happy I was able to make em. I think I made like 5 birds for the chicken ungkep. Delish with fragrant rice as well as cubed rice and ketupat ho.

Homemade nasi ambeng..the lighting sucks sigh..

Well, I juz realized this time around, I didn't take that many pictures coz I was so busy in the kitchen until I forgot. The pictures taken by my hubby mostly blurred badly due to some wrong settings (sigh) well2..At least I did enjoy the event to my heart's content. Feeling bliss all the way~

A warm raya to be remembered always :)

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