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Monday, August 22, 2011

Going Korean with All the Authentic Goodies!!

I love korean. Their dramas (I was sobbing pretty badly when I watched Secret Garden, even my heart ached for the stuntwoman-millionaire couple..I even strongly rooted the furniture designer-gay wannabe architect's relationship in Personal Taste), their people (so-so plastic pretty~ like asian barbie doll), and of course their food (those darling kimchis and grilled meats yum2!)! Everything about them is fascinating haha. I'd say that I was head over heels for japan before, but now, Korea has come to join the rank of apples for my eyes (not juz 1 mind you, gotta be fair with the judgment).

One of the main street where you can find a stretch of korean shoplots

On my way back from Kulim of the north of Malaysia we purposely take a detour to a (not so) famed Korean town in Ampang, which is situated pretty near to Ampang point. My baby hubby really wanna make me happy, he desperately looked for a genuine Korean mart for me for my birthday (misty eyes) coz I rolled left and right on the floor wanting a korean grill exactly like the ones in the korean movies. Really. I literally did it, the pampered I am. And bottomline, ITS WORKING. yay! (ngeeeee~ happily frolicking in excellent mood despite havta overnight at the lab today)

What he managed to get me, was a Korean mart's information, we didn't know we're actually entering a residential area full of Koreans living in Malaysia! It was amazing! I never seen a Korean town before, only china town. All the notice boards were written in hangul! And the best of all, there's plenty of Korean shoplots, not juz groceries supplies, there's some boutiques, restaurants, barbershop, etc2. The best of all, I saw a shop selling a large number of readymade banchans (sidedishes for eating with rice)! I felt like I entered a korean drama while walking around sightseeing and listening to hangul speakers chattering lively here and there. I wonder why this place aren't popular for the Korean fanatic fans hmm...

One of the Grill house..

We purchased all our fair share of korean items from here, Phill Mart :) There's actually Lotte mart juz the opposite. I counted 3-4 grocery shops along this one stretch.

The wet items in the shop..you can get various kimchis from cabbage and radish, some pickles as well, and even rice cakes

The meats...i think its pork (shrug) not sure tho since everything were labeled in hangul

Some dry items..ooohh..i really don't know what they are..

Frozen items..like nuggets and the like ah..

Phill mart also sells pots and pans from korea..those kitchenware used in dramas!! haha..Bless them!

An example of a korean grill..it has many sizes and shape..and the price was affordable :)

The heat didn't bother me at all, I immediately fall in love with a grill that I  really wanted (Babaekyuguhlil) where we use a portable stove on top and grill marinated beef, of course, Korean style (no pictures yet! XD). I even purchased a medium sized Ddukbaegie, an earthen bowl, which is imperative for making stews. Other minor items that I grabbed so readily (which makes my hubby took healthy gulps of suffocating air) were the kimbap mold (so pretty, orange in colour huhu), mulyeot (corn syrup for making delicious candied chicken), black sesame seeds, a kilo of gochugaru (hot pepper flakes, a must for every spicy korean dish), and korean seasonings for meat. hoho. I'm super happy I feel like dancing there and then.

The nice ahjumma helped us translate most of the items. The thing is when going to this kind of store, we must have in mind what we want to buy, as in our target. If not, you'll be chasing your own tail hoho

Pity my hubby paying for everything huhu..Shooo happy!

This is heaven for home-self-acclaimed chef who loves to try out korean cooking like me :D Ready the wallet and you're ready for war.

Korean Town
Location: Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Nearest POI : Ampang Point
Coordinates : N 03.12378 E101.63475 (its the parking lot in that area)
Business hour for most shops: Not sure (normal working hours)

Rating: 8/10

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