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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nadia's Passion Crystal bead bracelet with seawater pearl :)

Throw away all the sorrow dushhh!! (into the dustbin!)

Although a bit weak today, but I feel healthier hoho..a good night's sleep was rare for me..last night with the help of panadol 650, I manage to get mine yay! this morning I feel cramp and sore all over..I think it might be due to deep sleep at which I didn't move at all..(I usually trash around when I sleep haha exercise in sleep ma..)

This morning, MF text me to remind me to prepare a bracelet..frankly speaking I forgot that I sell custom made crystal bead bracelets upon request. (not many knew this, so I didn't have that much customer :P). The customer is a friend of MF's mother in Penang..I'm happy she took an interest in my crafts item :D

So anyone interested, do drop me a line :)

Note: She asked for a green themed crystal bead bracelet. So I made one with the combi of deep teal, sparkling dark green hugging a colourless crystal..the pearl is white, hugged with two golden diamond disc.. I do hope it does fit with her taste :) 

Price: RM12/piece - w/o encircling bead (cheaper by 50cent from cheesy delight! haha)

 Other kinds of colour combinations that I've made for sample..got gold color..red..pink..blue black..its fun to mix and match the colours!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm so depressed.

I realize I've sent in the 2nd draft for nearly 4 months. B has given back the 2nd draft. A said no words. I sent to A since July 2011 (that is already 6 months). I've resend a new one in Sept (i think). And the latest one in Nov 2011. What is A's aim in life? to let us all suffer? Sometimes I wonder what is A's problem. I cannot brain this. If A wanted us to help in some way, I will,  with all my power, if it is about to send in those manuscripts to the editors. I don't like it when A explained that A doesn't like us to get upset with A and be honest about it. I don't like the way A makes promises but never keep it. I have kept mine, many many many times and I feel I have the right to receive some back.
Why people can't be honest?
Why can't A puts A inside someone else's shoes?
Life is not juz about achievements.

Life is about being happy and contented.
Life is about coexisting in a win-win situation.
So that everybody will be happy.
In mind and in heart.

I hope A will self reflect, to see the bigger picture
why is the world was so against A ?
and at least spare upon me some pity.
How I wish its true..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crumble egg cucumber salad with crispy lettuce and vegeroni, easy n yummy !

The next entry will be about this delicious yet simple bowl of salad which is really really good :) I was tossing and turning in bed in the morning, thinking what to make for breakfast. I don't have bread, no noodles, no spaghetti, juz made fritters the other day, no milk for waffles..cannot tahan nuggets or fries..aiyo! Pening!

And then I retuned my thinking and started to list out the things that I have in the kitchen. I got an extra unpeeled hard boiled egg from last time's nasi lemak, some leftover leafy lettuce (its the garden bowl lettuce, although I adore romaine and iceberg, its quite expensive), some leftover vegeroni, leftover cucumber (juz a tiny bit)..walah! This calls for a nice hearty bowl of salad for breakfast!

Ingredients (for 2 healthy tummies or for sides of 4)

(Whatever you have :))
4-5 leaves of lettuce - soaked in cold water to achieve extra crispiness
1/2 c dried pasta/vegeroni - boiled for 8 -10 mins with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of oil
1 boiled egg
1/4 cucumbers (cut and chilled)
4 pieces of fried nuggets
1 bulb of big onion
some olive oil
a wee bit of salt
1/2 c cheesy delight cheese powder - dissolved in mild hot water of +-1 c until smooth (make it a wee watery)


1. Deshelled your egg and mash em or cut em to tiny pieces. I use an egg cutter, cut em in 2 opposite direction in 10 sec!

2. Cubed your fried nuggets on dry board

3. Lightly stirfry the julienned big onion with olive oil until fragrant, then toss in the vegeroni (w/o the water plz)

4. Use a colander to drain our lettuce and cucumbers. Cut them to bite size. Place em in a bowl.

5. Add in crumble egg, the sauteed onion-vegeroni combo (with leftover olive oil), and the nuggets (you can omit the nuggets if you want, similarly can replace with bacon or croutons, up to you basically)

6. Toss everything togather or mix em well. Lastly add in yer liquid cheese powder and stir up abit!

Err..obviously you could see some clumps of the unmelted cheese solid haha..malulah..

Its done in 20 mins if you can simultaneously ready ur egg, vegeroni and nugget on the stove while preparing the other ingredients (wink!)

My hubby loves it so much until he savoured the breakfast too long and went late to work ^^|||

It's easy right? Try em out!

Really fulfilling with a cup of warm cocoa malt!..the pills aren't anything shady haha..its juz seaweed tablets to help my GIT XDXD really quite nice..huhu

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ordering your FooD :D

I've got overwhelming feedbacks frm all!

Thanks guys, for the support! I called out loud for "NASI LEMAK, BIHUN, SANDWICH" all the time until my throat feels hoarse ^^;; I sell these with ma friends..malu lah nk g sorang huuu

A lot of people kept on asking, "Will you come today with your nasi lemak?"

or asked, "Is there anymore nasi lemak?" when I went home.

Well, I did this juz for fun, only during the evening, hence I don't make too much nasi lemak actually, so usually it will finish quite fast. So you can avoid the hassle of texting me all the time by ordering beforehand. I will keep for you.

Text your room address, code of items, and number of items, like this;

L3231 NL 2 B 1

for staying in L3, at level 2, room 31, 2 nasi lemak and 1 bihun :)

So the codes are;

NL - nasi lemak
B - bihun
ST - sandwich telur

Please wait for my confirmation :) if not text again, i might not receive your message haha. (Got cheap hp one)

Orders taken must be made before 2 pm for delivery of the same day. Messages after 2 pm won't be considered. I need some time to prepare if it exceed the normal amount I made :)

Random pic. My webbit in Kulim saying, "Pweezzee Pwezz oder" (starry eyes)

Please do review my products :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nasi Lemak, my oh so sinful delight..

Yep folks, I'm not writing the recipe of nasi lemak..i'm selling it..well, juz gonna start today..testing the market amongst campus students in UPM. I do hope they like my cooking (nervous!). I've put on my logo on the cover but I couldn't juz go for 'Yue's simplicity' as i intended it to be..my darling hubby advised me to change the name to my real name 'Nadia' so that the muslims won't feel unsure or afraid to buy from me lol

Well, the highlights of this post is about this nasi lemak i'm selling, the anchovies were fried at low fire for long time in order to attain their crispiness, the sambal or the sauce were made from fresh ingredients; high quality dried chillies from India, and of course 3/4 deseeded..a spoon will give u a mild yet spicy addictive texture..

The rice were cooked with perfection with the juice milked from fresh shredded coconut..a fragrant pandan smell as well as ginger makes you want to spoon them more and more into your mouth..such a sinful bliss.. you can actually separate the rice grain by grain, yet they were so moist and milky.. (omg, i ate 3 pack juz now XDXD cannot tahan!)

Not to forget the customary boiled egg slices as well as the crunchy cucumber, complementing the spiciness of the sambal..a perfect nasi lemak..

this is actually a very tipical malaysian breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or picnic thingy)..we are super crazed for this saliva dripping one meal dish. Anyway, if you read this because you ate my nasi lemak, thank you very much and do comment, as I could and I will adjust to the need of the majority..to me this is juz a mild nasi lemak coz I'm a crazy fan of hot and spicy stuff..the real stuff :)

In the future, feel free to order from me to avoid the hassle of uncertain waiting and ran out of stock! haha

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