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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm so depressed.

I realize I've sent in the 2nd draft for nearly 4 months. B has given back the 2nd draft. A said no words. I sent to A since July 2011 (that is already 6 months). I've resend a new one in Sept (i think). And the latest one in Nov 2011. What is A's aim in life? to let us all suffer? Sometimes I wonder what is A's problem. I cannot brain this. If A wanted us to help in some way, I will,  with all my power, if it is about to send in those manuscripts to the editors. I don't like it when A explained that A doesn't like us to get upset with A and be honest about it. I don't like the way A makes promises but never keep it. I have kept mine, many many many times and I feel I have the right to receive some back.
Why people can't be honest?
Why can't A puts A inside someone else's shoes?
Life is not juz about achievements.

Life is about being happy and contented.
Life is about coexisting in a win-win situation.
So that everybody will be happy.
In mind and in heart.

I hope A will self reflect, to see the bigger picture
why is the world was so against A ?
and at least spare upon me some pity.
How I wish its true..

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