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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nasi Lemak, my oh so sinful delight..

Yep folks, I'm not writing the recipe of nasi lemak..i'm selling it..well, juz gonna start today..testing the market amongst campus students in UPM. I do hope they like my cooking (nervous!). I've put on my logo on the cover but I couldn't juz go for 'Yue's simplicity' as i intended it to be..my darling hubby advised me to change the name to my real name 'Nadia' so that the muslims won't feel unsure or afraid to buy from me lol

Well, the highlights of this post is about this nasi lemak i'm selling, the anchovies were fried at low fire for long time in order to attain their crispiness, the sambal or the sauce were made from fresh ingredients; high quality dried chillies from India, and of course 3/4 deseeded..a spoon will give u a mild yet spicy addictive texture..

The rice were cooked with perfection with the juice milked from fresh shredded coconut..a fragrant pandan smell as well as ginger makes you want to spoon them more and more into your mouth..such a sinful bliss.. you can actually separate the rice grain by grain, yet they were so moist and milky.. (omg, i ate 3 pack juz now XDXD cannot tahan!)

Not to forget the customary boiled egg slices as well as the crunchy cucumber, complementing the spiciness of the sambal..a perfect nasi lemak..

this is actually a very tipical malaysian breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or picnic thingy)..we are super crazed for this saliva dripping one meal dish. Anyway, if you read this because you ate my nasi lemak, thank you very much and do comment, as I could and I will adjust to the need of the majority..to me this is juz a mild nasi lemak coz I'm a crazy fan of hot and spicy stuff..the real stuff :)

In the future, feel free to order from me to avoid the hassle of uncertain waiting and ran out of stock! haha


  1. nothing really made your n.lemak came out extravagantly just like what u did post in ur blog. we only felt dissapointed on the portion size as well as the taste. it is not necessarily to put anchovies a lot coz it cuts the feeling of enjoying the dish. your rice is lack of taste and your portion of egg is devastating. once people consumed,they felt like they were cheated by the price. u need to do improvement in terms of portion size and understand ur target market well. students crave for large meal size yet cost them less. before this, there are people who made success selling n.lemak in the hostel. do some research to made ur client satisfy. however, trying to sell urself is something that made ur junior admire u...

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for the feedback dear. I agree with you, there is always a room for improvement for me in order to cater to the majority's need. I am after all a first timer. However, I can guarantee you the ingredients that I used are of high quality ingredients.

    The post I've written, sincerely came from what I felt, as well as my hubby's comment. I did try out my own nasi lemak, test the portion, the sambal and everything before I sell them to my dear juniors. I hoped it will be at least above the benchmark in terms of taste and texture in general. Nonetheless, this is a personal preferences that might clashed.

    The picture in the blog is one of the nasi lemak that I pack for customer to eat, hence, the portion of rice, eggs, cucumbers and anchovies are as stated as above. Nonetheless, I will slightly increase the portion of rice. I sincerely am quite surprise that it is not enough.

    Some people prefer more anchovies as compared to the rest. So what I put in was considered adequate, not too much or too little. So, I will not reduce this except if more customers dislike it.

    Some people prefer heavily laden coconut milk to their nasi lemak, and some prefer mild. Hence, I gave you the middle. To me this is considered a personal preference. Please don't compare my rm 1.50 nasi lemak with your home's nasi lemak or nasi lemak antarabangsa where the range of price is above rm 3.

    The egg is not the main in the nasi lemak, juz a side dish. Normally others quartered or even cut it to 6, I just slice them in a different manner. However, for my dear juniors, I will slightly increase them. If you prefer more egg, ie. a whole half egg, you can personally ask for it from me beforehand (you can sms me :)), but I have to increase the price a little. Eggs are very expensive nowadays dear..

    All in all I myself understand the need of the students to get more for less. Bear in mind, I'm also a student. The profit I obtained now is considered minimal. If I increased too much, I won't profit at all. Hence, the profit could not be rolled to purchase new ingredients for the next batch. With the above explaination and amendments, I hope you won't feel disappointed or cheated, and do not shy away from trying my nasi lemak again.

    I sincerely apologize for all the shortcomings :)


  4. aku dah makan pun nasi lemak nadia ni...sedap je...dengan singgit setengah tu kenyang gler n berbaloi2...yg komen lebih2 tu maybe x bese mkn nasi lemak 1.50 kot...ko g la try makcik kat simpang masjid upm tu n compare...x pun kat depan maybank maulana...mmg la murah tapi xde pape pun...sila la try n compare ye...logically xde bende yg sedap+murah+big portion dalam dunia sekarang ni...

  5. heh. budak tu suka nasi lemak telur kot. ni nasi lemak ikan bilis.

    nadia, keep it up! some people not able to think reasonably.

    dont expect more if u're not willing to pay more. its common sense,
    higher quality comes with less quantity
    more quantity means lower quality

    but how do u judge quantity vs quality? look around u la wei. it should be apple with apple comparison. not apple with orange. heh.

  6. Aiyo. lu komplen nasi lemak yang 'datang' depan pintu lu sndiri ka?

    if u go try the nasi lemak simpang masjid UPM or Maybank Maulana or watever, try recalculate ur transport's mileage and petrol.

    OMG. I cant believe it. I'm hearing this kind of feedbacks from a UNIVERSITY student?

    go repeat till u dai pls.

  7. Peliknya 1st comment tu datang dari ceruk mana lah ye. Tempat dia still jual nasi lemak 20sen apa. Kampung aku pun nasi lemak da rm2.

  8. Dear Anon 2 and 3,

    thank you for your kind words. I'm pleased that some people do enjoy the nasi lemak I made. Please do purchase again if you liked them. I've made amendments with the anchovies, they tasted more delish than before :)

  9. Dear Anon 4,

    Thank you dear :)

    I think it is true that my dear anon 1 might like nasi lemak with eggs rather than anchovies. Hence, I'm more than ready to customize the nasi lemak to your likings, of course at a reasonable price :D Do contact me personally for that.

    Like what you said, I've used high quality ingredients, you can feel the difference on the rice, anchovies, eggs and sambal if you're used to do groceries :) (wink)And I never use thawed coconut milk from the freezer. Everyday I'll go out to get fresh ones. Even the pandan leaves are the ones I plant myself..All this I did because I very much believe in quality.

    But now I've also given quantity. I do hope everyone is satisfied :)

  10. Dear Anon 5,

    It's ok :) There's always a clash of opinion and preferences in this world. I believe I can be better with honest opinion (thumbs up!). Thank you for your support!

    Dear Anon 6,

    Is the nasi lemak bigger in portion? In my hometown surprisingly, you can still get 60cents nasi lemak (seriously, coz its very ulu one). It's my fave you know XD I was afraid the last time I saw the very2 old uncle is not selling anymore, (I thought he might hv been departed T.T). I bravely asked and is answered by his son that he went to deepened Islam to spend his remaining time in faith and peace haha..so glad..the nasi lemak was very little but very tasty! :)

  11. ou. gini kya kena tambah kan nasi kurangkan ikan bilis kot. buh ikan bilis byk xkenyang. more nasi gives more carbo. faster kenyang lo~ 'teori lelaki makan'

    *i ddnt noe girls take carbo as much as guys did

  12. xnk ar kurangkn ikn bilis abang oii...ak paling suke ikan bilis~~ klu g mkn n.lmk kat kdi mn2 pn akn mntk extra ikan bilis ngn extra sambal...lain pinggan ok? haha
    xder ape ar nad...n.lmk ang mmg sedap...ape yg ang msk pn smue sedap~ rs nk duk umah ang jer (sigh)
    yg lain ang jgn risau..bak kata adik ak...die klu mkn kat umah sentiasa rs sedap dan kenyang...sebab kata nyer mak ak msk dgn ikhlas...org mmg bleh rs keikhlasan kt dr mknn yg kt msk tu sbna nyer...dasat gak si mimin tu...
    ms stadi miat dl, hr2 ak mkn n.lmk yg org dtg jual dr bilik ke bilik...mmg hari2 ak amik 2 bungkus skali...setiap hari & t'nanti2 tu...klu ang wat sedap, jgn risau psl pelanggan...they'll always come back 2 u dear...luv u :)


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