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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ordering your FooD :D

I've got overwhelming feedbacks frm all!

Thanks guys, for the support! I called out loud for "NASI LEMAK, BIHUN, SANDWICH" all the time until my throat feels hoarse ^^;; I sell these with ma friends..malu lah nk g sorang huuu

A lot of people kept on asking, "Will you come today with your nasi lemak?"

or asked, "Is there anymore nasi lemak?" when I went home.

Well, I did this juz for fun, only during the evening, hence I don't make too much nasi lemak actually, so usually it will finish quite fast. So you can avoid the hassle of texting me all the time by ordering beforehand. I will keep for you.

Text your room address, code of items, and number of items, like this;

L3231 NL 2 B 1

for staying in L3, at level 2, room 31, 2 nasi lemak and 1 bihun :)

So the codes are;

NL - nasi lemak
B - bihun
ST - sandwich telur

Please wait for my confirmation :) if not text again, i might not receive your message haha. (Got cheap hp one)

Orders taken must be made before 2 pm for delivery of the same day. Messages after 2 pm won't be considered. I need some time to prepare if it exceed the normal amount I made :)

Random pic. My webbit in Kulim saying, "Pweezzee Pwezz oder" (starry eyes)

Please do review my products :)

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