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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Restaurant review: Taktaz, Seri Kembangan

A review that I've kept postponing on writing..but is truly needed so that others can find this middle-eastern hidden jewel :) It was an old story, yet blooming freshly in my mind, made me recount the pleasant experience when I think of Iranian food. I've ravaged a fair number of middle eastern cuisine, believe me, and this one is considered one of the excellent ones (better than hadramawt I tell you! cheaper too). My hubby and I will always drive by Taktaz nearly every weekend when we went out, its because its located in an apartment complex opposite the South city plaza, the road connects us from Seri Kembangan to Bukit Jalil and KL, a good alternative road (with no toll) for entering the MRR2. Usually either we're late to some occasion (hence, have to speed up) or already full when on our way home.

Hence, on our way back from an event, at about 1045 pm, we suddenly got the urge to stop by and eat haha.. It's heaven intervention!

The restaurant was deserted, no customers, just a waitress. I think maybe its because its a bit late. Who will eat a big bulk of rice at 11 pm except us? =____=||| (ashamed of herself). As we, go through the menu, we realized this place also got pizza! what a lovely combination :) The ambient was serene and scenic with a touch of elegance to it. From outside, you won't realize how pretty the place is. (The signboard is white in colour with a red 'taktaz restaurant' written, very basic)

After a thorough flip of the menu, we decided to try something that hasn't been tried in other middle eastern restaurant and a pan of pizza of course huhu. We waited juz for a lil while before everything was ready..I think the pizza arrived after 10-15 mins, and later another  10 mins, the food :)

See the pizza counter on the bottom right? yeah! the waitress made the pizza on the spot over there (its outside the restaurant, open air). We're entertained huuu~

Our tea was ready (why is there so much sugar cube? O_____O) That made us wonder..

We ordered a set of traditional Iranian tea (RM 6.50). Its from the Ahmad tea sachet with mint leaves infusion. Although I'm truly confused by the number of sugar cubes given..hmm..its a mystery XDXD I tried for 2 cubes, juz incase if there's anything different, and I'm desperately in hypertonic mode already..can't stand the sweetness!! and I thought the sugar is something special..confirmed normal sugar cube haha

Yup, the glutton we are, as expected, we ordered something unbelievable. Just for the 2 of us. 1 barg, 1 bakhtiary, 1 chicken and 1 koobide kebab platter hahaha

Inclusive of 1 saffron rice..with a watery brownish gravy..which was nice..

and, 1 dill rice (both rice with the meat galore platter = RM 65.90)

I don't know what's a barg, bakhtiary or koobide..but all those are meats of different flavour..maybe grilled differently with a number of marinations..I don't know which one, some tastes like beef, got lean ones, and ground ones..and chicken intermittent with beef as well..I sincere don't know if there's lamb in those assortments or not..if there is, I didn't catch the signature aroma. Nonetheless, the meat was succulent and tender, and the marination was perfect! The lime, onion and oh, the pink thingy truly compliments the meats. Its a wonderous  moment, each mouthful we savoured with happiness and gratitude. I feel like flying haha

A lovely pizza of lamb with mushroom (L) =  RM 17.00..the size is actually regular when compared to dominos

And the pizza...OMG...it was sooooo tender and juicy!..unbelievable! It's the best pizza I've ever tasted so far..Better than dominos, better than papa john's and definitely better than pizza hut. The dough was fluffly yet crunchy and the toppings were generous! After only eating this once, I've actually promoted it to a lot of people haha

Can't you believe it? We finished em all. (pats2 tummy). Even the owner came out to look at us, curiously looking at our sizes which were in-proportional to the lovely food we partake (we're juz 2 persons, husband and wife of course). hahaha.

Actually if the food is lousy, we won't have the heart to finish em (shrug). Finishing all these signifies the food is superb!

Thumbs up!

Taktaz Restaurant
No.B.G.3 Taman Persiaran Serdang Perdana,
Seri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor. (Opposite of South City Plaza)
GPS coordinate : 3.01158, 101.73324
Tel : +603 - 8941 3364
 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/TAKTAZ-Restaurant-in-Malaysia-Iranian-Food/158833524399

Operating Hours:
Daily : 12.00pm - 12.00am

Rating: 9/10

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