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Monday, October 29, 2012

The power of Cardamom !!

Lovely cardamom..the ones I bought which was imported from Guyana..or was it guatemala or guam..cant remember..it was soo expensive.. =___=

Yesterday my mom was really sick..its the festive season again..the Eid-ul-Adha..we ate so much grease and fat from the makan-makan at our surau..

Every year during Eid-ul-Adha..it became customary to religiously slaughter cows/lamb/goat to be partially donated to the needy and to be cooked and shared in a small reception amongst the Muslims community. We usually with cook together in an event known as gotong-royong..this year I didn't took any pictures though..but I think I did have some from last year..

So I think my ma became sick due to the over eating of red meat..and then the house is full of cooked food..maybe she tried something that's already went bad..

Hence, she started vomiting profusely during the evening and continued to do so until the middle of the night..and I became increasing worried. So, thanks to Mr. Google, i found a traditional remedy to stop vomiting!

Yes! its our lovely and friendly Mr. Cardamom! I just have to pound 2 pieces of cardamom into fine paste and add to 1/2 glass of hot water and topup with room temp water to reduce the heat and swirl! My ma was sceptical..after much cooing, she tried a few gulps..

Miraculously my ma stop vomiting after that!


Mr Wiki said that cardamom are widely used here in treating various infections pertaining the mouth areas, lung congestion, eyelid inflammation, kidney and gall stones, antidote for snake and scorpion venoms apart from digestion and constipation problems. Miracle spice! And yet, not knowing the benefit, I've been eating this since I'm a kiddie..we called this the 'bomb', when unknowingly bite on the pods while eating the delicious curry haha..

Happy Eid-ul-Fitr from me and my whole family :D

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