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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Restaurant review: Bolaven Cafe, Oriental Village, Langkawi

It's something different. And its for you to judge.

From previous reviews, other people said the coffees were high quality and lovely due to their distinctive tastes from the depth of Bolaven farms, southern Laos.

The plus plus, was the tiger-viewing.

My thoughts?

Well, I could not understand the minds of coffee enthusiasts as I'm not one of them. What I sought after was the tiger viewing. The tigress is known as Zannah, a female tiger of 4 years old, confined in a small garden with bamboo trees here and there (very pitiful and sad watching her endless walks from wall to wall). As a dear reader informed, this sweet cat has been raised from a cub by the management, well cared for and loved.

A glass panel separates us from the tigress (I'm a bit nervous at first, just in case the tiger jumps towards the glass panel, ima gonna die too soon T____T [kancheong!!]. We were honoured by the tiger's presence, as the waitress was taking the order, the tiger came realllllyyy close to lap on the water and then submerged lazily in the pond for a short while..(the pond was like 1.5 feet away from us) we were happy and thrilled with the closeness :D hooo!!! (excited again when thinking about it) Too bad I can't take a picture [sigh heavily]. We were not being provided with adequate information regarding the condition for taking pictures as explained by the reader; the waitress forbade us from taking it altogether and as responsible client, I just obliged [shrug].

I went for the coffee latte (coz I'd love the art on the brew), and my sis ordered a frapuccino.. er..something..we got 2 cups of black coffee as complimentary drinks for staying in the Geopark hotel opposite the cafe via LivingSocial.

Well, to me that is..you peepz must understand, to my own personal opinion (which shouldn't be taken into consideration for the coffee lovers, am not forcing you to believe me), I truly suffered the most from trying to finish the coffee T__T it was too thick for my tongue, and I don't have the heart to leave it as it costs me +- MYR16/mug (pardon me as I've lost the receipt aigooo..like old makcik..)..my sis complaint that the almond essence in her drink was too strong, which makes it off-flavour..only the coffees were a little suitable for our tongue..An accompaniment of brownies and ice-cream did not really remedy the horror of finishing the drinks.. [sigh] why can't i enjoy the delight?

Frapuccino = MYR 18

Latte = + -MYR 16

Brownies with ice cream = +- MYR 12

Maybe the coffee lovers out there will love the place, but we certainly didn't. Truly a disappointment for me since I have such a high expectation from all the reviews. (oh, but the brownies are lovely)

Total costs with tax (estimation) = +- MYR47

However, it is said that the profit from the purchases will be used to maintain Zannah. Hence, it cooled my heart a little :) I seriously feel that the farmers did a good job, but maybe the coffee brewing needed some more passion? [laughing] I don't intend to offend anyone here, this is my personal space where I could pour my heart to..yeah, its totally opposite all the reviews in tripadvisor, but I don't lie.

Bolaven Cafe,
Oriental Village, Langkawi
GPS coordinate : (point for Oriental village)
no tel: 04 959 4959

Operating hours:
10 am - 6 pm

p/s: I went there at 5.50 pm previously, they've already closed although they're still inside..sigh..1st time in my life entering a cafe that closes so early. Sincerely speaking, I'm offended by the way the staff treat us when we inquired about it, maybe coz I'm a local haha..I don't mind though, but my mom was visibly pissed :) It soured our evening after that.

Rating : 3/10 (its for the tiger's sake)

Bottom line, I will not go here again as it is not worth my money.

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