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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Restaurant review: Hole in the Wall, Kilim River, Langkawi

Due to bad planning, we went to the same jetty, the Kilim Jetty twice, this time for our late lunch+dinner..I actually didn't realize that we needed to board a boat from the same jetty as this morning in order to reach the floating restaurant.

After a call to the restaurant from the jetty (no charge, dun worry), a local boat driver picked us up and sped towards the destination. The safety life vest smelled like cat urine @___@||| OMG...cannot stand liao..i hate it big time!

Again, reaching this destination, there're no customers around..I suspected maybe it was due to the odd hours (we reached there about ++ 3 pm after going to the crocodile farm).

The menu were not as extensive as I've expected, but the prices..errr...I think I can consider this as fine dining I guess..haha [sweat]..Well, considering location-wise..[shrug] (Comparable to KL's restaurant price) After going through the menu, we've decided on some dishes..

The tiger grouper at MYR/100g (it can easily go up to a kilo u know T__T), half cooked in curry and another half grilled (MYR 80.50/700 g); seafood tomyum (MYR 12.00/2 servings), garlic butter prawns (MYR 22.00/200 g = 5 pcs of prawns)..with 2 orange juices (MYR 12.00/2 glass) and 1 soft drink (MYR 3.00). Total damage includes warm rice + service charge + tax = MYR 147.40

The curry was exquisite!! So lovely! A smooth texture, mild yet thick curry..a perfect complement with warm  white rice! I loved it so much  :) I think if I ever go this restaurant again, I'll surely order up this..Foodies who can't tolerate spicy+hot food can still sampled this..very refined..

The grilled fish was so-so..not to my liking..its juz a basic tumeric+salt grilling, and its still a lil wet..I prefer my grill fish to be crispy, hot and spicy..malay-style..just like from the previous post..but still quite ok-lah..for others who's just like me, its advisable to ask the restauranteur to grill it crispier..

The tomyum..erm..a wee sweet..and not that hot..hmm..this is the first time I had this kind of tomyum..the one from Red Wok in Bangi was 1000 times much better..but still the taste is quite nice..I think the squid inside this dish had been overcooked..only the prawns were fresh and nice

Garlic butter prawns..lovely and tasty..a must try! its different from what i usually get in other restaurants

Well, in my opinion, it is quite a decent restaurant..good food, good service..after taking the order, one will be entertained by the restaurant staff with fish farm sightseeing..it was really nice..you can play with a really cute stingray, and let the crayfish grab your fingers, and watch fishes shooting water to pull bait into the sea..the cooking took some time though..and its abit pricey..but other than that, its a must try :)

 Waiting for the kid to get the sea urchin

Playing with the stingray..

Boy, I never thought that there will be a time in my life that I found a stingray to be uber cute! (yet, still loving the taste haha)

Hole in the Wall,
Fish farm & Floating Restaurant
Pengkalan Kilim, Kg. Kilim, Mukim Ayer Hangat,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
no tel: 04 959 3115/012 562 0015 (local numbers)
gps coordinate: point for 'Kilim Jetty' or 'Mangrove tour'

p/s = for international number, add +6 to the front

operating hours:
9.00 am - 8.00 pm

Rating: 7.5/10

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