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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Restaurant review: Nasi Lemak @ Cafe Simpang Datai, Langkawi

Another hidden Langkawi delicacy :)

My lovely nasi lemak with add on goodies :D erm..the egg was hidden under the okra..

On our way from the Geopark Hotel, we stopped by at Cafe Simpang Datai, en route to the Kilim Jetty for a hearty breakfast. We were soooo hungry for some good food, and juz drop by by pure luck..the previous stall was full of males only (since its a girls' day out/holiday, we were kinda afraid :P malu lah).

Its juz a regular restaurant-stall like place with basic deco..nothing fancy as the items present served only its purpose rather than catching the eyes of passerbys..a lot of older locals were there..I feel that all of them knew each other, and thus the game of 'eyeing-the-strangers with intense aura' took place

I took the delicious looking nasi lemak with a number of accompaniments  deee pollo sinfully deep-fried in palm oil..a dollop of sambal with crispy deep-fried anchovies sprinkled on top, a sunny side up darling, 2 okras from the fish curry and a brinjal stewed in sweet curry sauce..(its the first piccy) [am i crazy? yes, plus im hungry grrr..]. The sambal was delicious, but not hot or spicy, contrary to the colour..yet it was quite delicious..the brinjal/eggplant was soft and flavourful..I love it :)

My sis and my ma took nasi lemak as well, but with different accompaniments..some took sardines..and eggs..etc..we went for warm lime juice, tea and warm water to clear off all the greasiness..

My mom's rice

Concentrating on finishing the meal fast to catch a boat ride at Kilim Jetty weeee~

You guess it right. Its SUPER CHEAP. Total damage = MYR 14.

A hit like this won't even scar the purse of the other tourists. It's a good meal, with friendly uncles and aunties.

I had the pleasure of making a conversation with the stall owner when paying. A friendly old man of 50 or so..They were going to close early due to the coming of the eid-ul-adha..he was disbelieved that my mom is my mom haha. A lot of people said she looks young.. (that only makes her happy and smiling all the way to the ear haha..so cute!)

Enough of all the ramblings!

My verdict!

Cafe Simpang Datai,
Simpang Datai, Langkawi
GPS Coordinate: (will be edited in later)

Operating hours:
7.00 am - 4.00 pm

Rating: 8/10

Next time ima gonna try the banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak..

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