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Monday, November 19, 2012

Roti Jala Made Easy yum-yum!

Well, peepz, its a lovely Monday today,

Yesterday, I taught my sis how to cook a mild yet thick chicken curry with potatoes. My ma was soo happy with my sis's achievement and expressed her longing for roti jala..she said "oooo, how nice if i could get my hands on some roti jala with this curry...mmmmm !!" So, the sucker me, feverishly looked for the right recipe, since I havta make this for breakfast so that I could pack some for my sis to be brought with her to work with the leftover curry.

First thing's first,

What is roti jala?

Neatly folded roti jalas

Direct translation = net bread. HAHA. It's a crepe-like consistency which is made with a kind of cooking item with holes at the bottom. When we make this, we swirl2 our hands to make a net-like configuration crepe. It is really delicious with chicken or beef curries. Very popular in Malaysia as tea times or as breakfast. You can go and ask, everyone loved this (but lazy to make haha). There's a good place to eat roti jala with curry chicken for breakfast in a gerai (stall) at the tasik area (near the lake) in Sri Serdang, just beside UPM.

I finally found a good source, its from the lovely blogger, Fatin Liyana's blog, her ways are simple and sweet, like the owner haha. Kudos to you my dear~

I'll add in a few more things to her directions to make it more comprehensive.

Yields about 20 pieces (about 4-5 servings)

2 eggs
2 c flour
2 c filtered water
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
a pinch of salt


1. Heat your non-stick pan at low fire. Spray some oil on or just swipe some with a paper towel.

2. Blend or pulse all items in the list until smooth for about 2 mins or so. You will get a crepe-like liquid consistency.

3. Use the cup with the 3 holes, load it with the liquid mixture. Lower down your hand nearing the surface of the pan and swirl (slowly please) (it actually depends on the size of the holes). At first your roti jala will look like blobs of gooey yellowish thing, trust me, it'll get better  on your 3rd or 4th when you get the hang of it. Do be despirited too early !

Swirling the cup thingy..not so nice...sigh

 This is an ancient cup with 3 holes used in making roti jala. It's my mom's. I think its from before I'm born haha..Nowadays its made of plastic. You can also use an alternative, using the bottle with 4 holes used for mayonaise

 From bottom...
Inside...so old school..dun worry I've even immersed it overnight and vigorously wash before use haha

4. Let it be until the roti dis-tangle itself from the pan (it'll occur about 2-3 mins or so). If you desire a crunchy texture, leave it be longer (about 4-5 mins). NO need to flip. Just take it out and place on a plate.

5. If you wish to roll it up neatly like me, you must make a soft roti jala. Fold opposite sides (left and right) a little with the same distance, then roll up from bottom to top.

6. If you desire a crunchy texture, just fold it to 4 sides :)

Good luck!

It's delicious with a good thick curry !

 Roti Jala with thick chicken curry

Bite one time!! Blisss...

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