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Friday, November 9, 2012

Stall review: Honey BBQed chicken wings with fresh coconut juice - a delightful accompaniment for a dazzling twilight, Langkawi

 Honeyed BBQ chicken wings of Langkawi :)

Well, we stop by to sample the food here after we checked-in at Hotel Geopark. It was just shy over 6 pm, but we couldn't find a decent restaurant for dinner..Quite pissed with the previous situation as well.. (well, with a slight incident at the oriental village)..So, we thought we should drive all the way to Pantai Chenang for a meal. Then, on our way, we saw stalls alongside a stretch of a straight road just beside the Langkawi airport selling dunno what..what intrigued us the most was on the sea on the other side of the road..pretty view..and without reading the signs, we just opt for the middle one.


Nice BBQ chicken wings and coconut water for you!

The bbq wings were slightly burnt [shrug], but still the marination was thick and they were sticky and yummy. The ones in Serdang were more delicious though..

The coconut tasted really fresh..The uncle hacked the top of the coconut head on the spot when we ordered. Even supply us with extra sugar syrup and and extra coconut for the flesh, saying the ones we had have less 'meat' in it..Hence, they must've been pretty young..

While I was waiting, I noticed a glaring yellow ray from behind my sis..and went to the source with a camera from sheer inquisition..and hence, the scenic panorama I was presented to by God laid before me.. My heart throbbed with excitement as I went snapping with my pathetic digital camera..even with a weak ability it has, I manage to capture the beauty..but only 30 % of it. You gotta be there to know what I mean..

We were their last customers, as they were busy packing up as we finish up our meal..friendly people :)

I ordered MYR 20/10 small pieces (coz that's what's left), and 3 big coconut (I think RM4 or was it 6?/coconut)..I spent about MYR +-35 I guess. And throw in the view together, its worth every penny.

Stall alongside Langkawi Airport,
Padang Mat Sirat
gps coordinate: (will be updated later)

p/s: I tagged the location on the map, but it was not that accurate

Operating hours:
Suggested during the evenings (after 2 pm - 7 pm)

Rating : 8/10

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