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Monday, April 8, 2013

Manga review: Oresama Teacher

Hi, long time didn't update the place haha..In real life, the last post was when I was at home, then, later on I stayed in my mother's house for more than 3 months..and do this do that..aiya! already 6 months! :P I'm truly happy to share a great news..I'm going to have my first baby soon..it'll be about 3-4 months away..sooooo happy.. :)

 Let's get to the next manga review!

Another good shoujo-based manga to be introduced. Don't be fool. It's not an everyday typical romance-dripping manga which follows the masses. What I like the most about Oresama Teacher is how a rather 'plain' starting storyline worked its way into something really fun and engaging. I'd say the best you can get out of this manga is a truly hearty laugh. As an extra bonus, the fighting scenes (there are quite some) are decent (for a shoujo based manga). The flow was not so serious, but at times, the plot can be touching (juzz a wee bit there haha). So in summary, its a good light read for any kind of age out there. Especially with people who's so tensed with real life.

Title: Oresama Teacher
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Shoujo, action, gender bender, comedy, school life
Online reading source: mangafox

Written and illustrated by Izumi Tsubaki sensei, this manga is serialized in Hana To Yume magazine. The scanlation was done by a one-man-standing-do-it-all, Andy, from Panda scans, and yet the quality as a whole is great. (Salute!!!) Truly appreciates what you did for us! This manga works its plot around three main characters; before it gradually expands. It's the teacher, Takaomi Saeki, and two other students, Mafuyu Kurosaki with Hayasaka. Saeki sensei convinced his childhood friend turned student, Mafuyu, into forming the Disciplinary club with her new found buddy, Hayasaka. Sounded lame? Catch this. The aim for the Disciplinary club is ultimately to reform the school by increasing the headcount while their arch-nemesis, the Student Council, aims to destroy that, and close the school. Which is rather odd right? Well, you gotta read it to understand the plot.

From top: Saeki sensei, Mafuyu Kurosaki and Hayabusa

What makes this story funny is that, Mafuyu-chan is actually a banchou is her previous school (its like a boss gangster lah), and she transfers in order to turn in a new leaf as a more 'tame' and girly school girl. Nontheless, the task given by Saeki sensei is rather rough, making her forces herself to sometimes disguise as a guy known as Natsuo and sometimes as Usa-chan Man (a not so funny rabbit looking mask..like a justice enforcer) which added to the gender bender genre (sweats big time). The reason Mafuyu becomes so strong and violent is because during the olden days, Saeki was the one who incite and taught her, out of self amusement, since he himself is a delinquent during his schooling days.

By the way..for the ladies, this manga has lotsa eye candy..the bishounens are numerous. While no  dirty scenes can be detected (so far), and the qualities of values implemented are present, it is a good read for the ladies, the younger generations, and even for the working people who'd like to blow off some steam from stress. The plot expands well, but lately it has gotten quite repetitive..but I'll wager that its a start for something way better :)

Saeki sensei
Another bishounen who later enters the disciplinary club, Aki Shibuya.

Some of the 4 koma short story comedy that came with the main one..and some of my favourite scenes..lol..I don't know weahter it is considered funny or not..Maybe its just me..I'm a person who's easily laugh at all simple things..shrug..

Click to enlarge and try sample-read them out!

The plight of Hayasaka (who's really good with embroidery):

Mafuyu's penpal:

Well..all in all, I'd give a decent 6.5/10 for this manga. Really nice to read and quite heart warming :)
I usually won't go for the generic shoujo..my love has always been hardcore seinen, martial arts or historical..nonetheless, a simple and sweet light-heartening manga like this is not a bad choice as well.

Rating : 6.5/10

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