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Monday, April 29, 2013

Manga review: Psyren

A great shounen manga for all those peepz out there!

 Title: Psyren
Status: Completed
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Shounen, adventure, fantasy, psychological, comedy, sci-fi, supernatural, romance, mystery
Online reading source: mangafox

Written by Iwashiro Toshiaki-sensei, during the ongoing of this manga, it has stayed for quite some time on the top 10 chart in mangafox. I love how complicated and shrewd the storyline has been; it has a simple yet smooth start, how mind baffling at each and every turn of the development of the storyline. Simply put, psyren offers an original setting, gorgeous backdrop, complicated yet a smooth deliverance of storyline, ample character building, satisfying believable power-ups, with a sprinkle of romance to spice things up. Even the ending was good, which is rare in a lot of mangas. Its a very good manga which I believe could cater for the 18 and above.

Ageha Yoshina (black hair) and Sakurako Amamiya (white hair)

 The story involves (initially) of a couple of highschool students; Ageha Yoshina as the male main protagonist and Sakurako Amamiya as the lead female protagonist. At later stages, the plot develops further and introduces a variety of many other characters.

Other additional characters. There's so many more after that as well.

Yoshina is a guy who'll do anything with a fee of 10 000 yen, as he usually beats up bullies and stuff. Through a single phone call from a payphone, he received a call card which connects him to a world known as Psyren, through a conduit known as Nemesis Q. With the will to help out his old friend, Amamiya, he connected to Psyren and realized later in order to return to his world, he needs to finish up assignments given by Nemesis Q, which usually involves staying alive while being attacked by monsters known as Taboo, and to be able to move from one point to another. After being exposed to the environment of Psyren, all of the participants develop specialized abilities known as PSI with the expense of having brain damage.

Well, you know how shounen mangas always levels up nonstop in a short time? Yeah, its the same here. Nonetheless, the fighting scenes in Psyren are very creative, unique and exciting ! Always it is worth the time.

 Later on, the plot develops further where they don't just have to stay alive, but have to find the root cause of Psyren which was initiated by an organization known as W.I.S.E. And Psyren is actually the future of earth after destruction to boot !

 So do find the connection between high school kids, an idol, an orphanage center, a meteor, a payphone and aliens after reading this. Its worth it every single second of your time.

Some awesome fighting scenes;

 For more info, you can read up great insight on the characters of psyren at Psyren Wiki.

Rating: 8.5/10

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