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Monday, January 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: The Legend Curryhouse, Seri Kembangan

Its nearly a year since I last updated this blog :P Many things happen..I got pregnant, and now we have a beautiful baby girl..already entering 6th month..her name is hana..as sweet as a flower, as befit her name..

Well, lets start off with a review (salutes!)

The Legend Curryhouse, an out-of-the-ordinary north indian cuisine restaurant in Seri Kembangan. I have been to this jewel many many times, and yet, I still can't get enough of it. Truthfully speaking, the first time I've been here, the restaurant wasn't as posh as this. And that was about 5-6 years ago? I can't remember. My darling old friend Cita introduced it to me.

What makes this restaurant shines compared to the rest are;
-  the super delicious lamb veruval & egg sambal :P (errr..that's my humble opinion)
-  super delicious lassi (oso IMHO haha)
-  very cozy ambient
-  got delivery service (if order more than 4 pax)
-  got halal cert from JAKIM (most important point!)
- super near to where I stay hehe

I know that there's so much more indian restaurant selling  similar kinds of food, however, due to not having the halal cert, its pretty hard to convince others and even myself for a meal in their restaurant. Everytime I ate here, I fall in love with the food more and more..ahhh..how nice if it were cheaper..haha

Plain rice set (our all time fav!)

Bryani rice set
  The set comes with 4 dishes of delicious vegetarian cooking which varies everytime we went. Some of them are;

 Potato curry

 Brinjal curry

 Cucumber yogurt

Spicy long beans stir fry (I think)

 Okra curry

However, the 4 sides combi are endless! I sometimes got tofu..or soybean curry..or sometimes beansprout..and each and everyone of em are delicious huhu

Usually accompanied by this delicious potato dahl soup;

 Finally, there are 2 other soups; 1 chilled, another hot;

 I love the hot soup (the brown one), it is very refreshing and lovely with hints of spices. The white one is more like a plain watery yogurt drink. It has been explained by the manager of the restaurant that both soups are important to be consumed after meal to reduce 'heatyness' from all those curries, chillies and spices taken.

 Additional meaty dish which costs around MYR 3.50 - 8.00 depending on the type you wish to order separately. We used to order a variety of dishes just to test them out and these are some of the best ones;

 Egg Sambal (super! must have!)

 Fish Curry (just ok..)

 Mutton veruval (delicious!)

 Squid sambal (very delicious, albeit abit overcook)

 Vegetarian prawn sambal (loving this so much coz don't have to deshell the prawn haha :P)

 Before, we will get a bowl of green beans porridge with sago beads..its pretty tasty, although some might not prefer the hint of ginger they have..maybe that's why this dessert has been axed from the set (shrug)

And these are the additional condiment that you can ask from the waiter. No need to pay. Take only a teensy weensy bit because its like adding additional salt/lime/pepper to your dish. The black one is burnt chillies, green one is made of mint leave, and the red one is very sour.

For drinks, we prefer plain water (no charge) with the additional lassi drink.

 I love this plain lassi drink..sweet, sour and very refreshing..hubby said its the best lassi he ever tried before :D

Finish eating! finally! Hoho..

If you take 2 sets of plain rice with the addition of 1 egg sambal and another one meaty dish, it'll costs below MYR 40. Very satisfying. Caution! The servings of the rice are rather large! So although its a bit pricy, it well worth it. You should go only when your stomach is totally empty haha

 Look at how happy my darling is..always and always when we ate there we will totally enjoy ourselves..

The Legend's Family Curryhouse
No 225, Jln 18/23. Taman Sri Serdang (Very near to Maybank, opposite KFC/McD)
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Contact no: 03 8943 2236/3604
Website: http://www.legendcurryhouse.com/curryhouse.htm
GPS coordinate:
Status: halal

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. hi I would like to know how much is one set of the vegetarian rice set ? :)

    1. I think it was RM8+ if its the full set as described above. For this full set, you can ask for additional add on rice (small size) and indefinite papadoms if you like. However, I haven't been to the resto for more than 4 months since we moved to other place..the price is right for the time before..hope it helps :)


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