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My aim is to reduce the tension in my mind by sharing my thoughts and experiences in the things that I love; which I could not express openly due to circumstances. Be it in doing stupid things, experimenting on new recipes, failings in research work, writings..just some doodle ranting stuff


Hi, I'm Nadia and here I'm also known as Yue. I'm a Malay-chinese, love to cook and to try new things. I learned basic cooking from my ma initially and fall in love with it. Since then I decided to expand my knowledge via trial and errors..to me, preparing food is an art to convey love to the people I care :)

Besides food, I do love good books, as well as mangas. I'm also into crafting lately. Hence, the works documented here comprised of;
- food-related post (halal only): recipes, restaurant/stall/hawkers reviews, food product reviews, food infos
- manga and anime related reviews
- fictional books
- some scientific stuff which I've read
- miscelleneous experiences
- DIY stuff that I make (in progress)

 All the books/mangas/food here are tried and tested.

With this I would also like to educate dear readers about halal food;

What Does Halal Means?

Many of my non-Muslims friends were rather obscure by the true meaning of 'Halal'. They would only think that we could not consume pork and that's it. Well, its not their fault. No real information has been given to them, and many Muslims nowadays are rather lax with this rule, making our Non-muslim friends confused all the more. The truth is, 'Halal' and 'Haram' is very clear-cut. Here, I will explain what does 'Halal' truly means.

In a general description, this terms means "allowed and permissible for consumption according to Syariah law as long as they are safe and not harmful"

- no pork or lard, either in the form of broth or solids or semisolids, or even its derivatives
- meat that has been slaughtered according to Islamic ways, hence, chickens slaughtered by non-Muslims cannot be eaten by Muslims (except for seafood)
- the food are prepared in a clean pork-free environments; the cutlery and cookwares that has been use to cook pork/dog could not be use to cook food for a Muslim (except if the cookware has been cleansed with purified sand and water)
- not amphibian in nature (so we could not eat mud crab, but we can eat flower crab (wink!))
- the animal must not have claws or/and fangs and must not be carnivorous in nature

All recipes and images are mine unless stated otherwise (Except for the mangas). Please ask permission if you would like to use them. For any redistribution and reuse, please link back to me :) (hugs2) Email me for anything, I'd love to make friends!


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