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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Manga review: 07 Ghost

An interesting piece of manga I found few weeks ago known as '07 Ghost' with 60 eps to date (I only able to reach 42 currently). All this while, I never bothered to read it until it's up on Mangafox's hot pick of the week. Don't blame me, there're thousands of mangas out there, its like getting the needle from a gigantic pile of haystack *chuckles* and the review was too simple, it didn't ignite any interest at me at first.

To me, the main characters as well as the plot were extremely well written. The characters' individual personalities has been impressively expressed through the course of the story. The drawings/illustrations were thorough and detailed. The way the story was told is also perfect to catch the heart of readers. I never found any background columns left blank. The downside is, if the readers didn't truly immerse themselves in the plot, they'll be easily lost because it was really complex and thrilling (to me of course). Another thing is, when there's action, the drawings became too crammed with lotsa details, so I'm a bit lost again *laughing*. Anyway, I truly recommend this great manga to all, I think adults would like this more then small kids because its kinda deep and touching laced with actions, emotions and the sense of finding oneself through searching for true happiness. You'll get what I said when you read it. Please do, this manga totally deserves everyone's attention.

Title: 07 Ghost
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Action, anime, fantasy, josei, supernatural
Source: onemanga

Main character: Teito Klein

The bad guys from the military team, The blackhawks, able to manipulate Wars and Warsfiel (they're gorgeous!!)

Everything starts with Teito Klein, the main character (I think he's about 14 or 15), the son of a king from a previous nation being conquered by the current country, Bursburg empire, turned amnisiac slave (Due to seals, his memories were blocked). He was ordered to enter a military academy and topped up to 1st rank due to his excellent brain and brawn. When he found out the truth about his parents he ran and was saved by the church. In this story, the king and the pope holds equal power in the nation. Hence, the church is an ideal place for refuge to everyone without descrimination.

The religion in this region based on the concept of 07-ghost, 7 gods descended from heaven to protect the seals on Verloren, the evil god who has been exiled to earth, separated its strength from its body, at which the strength is sealed in the 'eye of mikhail', owned by teito currently, as the heir of the Raggs kingdom. So, Teito seek refuge in the church, obtained his position as the apprentice bishop to Frau who holds one of the power of the 7 ghost before embarking a journey to find himself and to seek the truth behind the fake history written in books. *chuckles* It's interesting right?

In this world everyone has an energy called 'Ziphon' which can attack, heal or manipulate, depending on the person's personality. To top it off, there're evil henchmen of Verloren called Wars, attacking innocents. An A-class action packed manga which can satisfy your hunger. I guarantee you.

Part of the plot when Teito meets a mama dragon haha

Rating: 9/10

I didn't give full mark coz the update is rather slow :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Manhwa review: Freezing

So cold *freezing* am so low spirited today..yesterday was really tiring..me and my hubby went to Nilai 3, a really big textile town..so tired, have to walk so far, and no aircond summore..so I was sweating like hell *laughing* but the best is all the clothing materials, interior decos as well as carpets were really cheap! The key point is that you must haggle haggle and HAGGLE!! if not you'll be shoved into the merchants pockets hoho

Today I would like to intro another action manhwa from Korea. The title, "FREEZING". Currently, there are 32 chapters to date. Full of chicks, their bodies are fan service types heheh, but actually the storyline are really superb, a combat type manhwa. I think boys and girls would like it, but please not the faint type, since it has a bit of gore although it is not written under the genre. I recommend this manhwa to peepz age 13 and above.

Title: Freezing
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Korean
Genre: Action, drama, ecchi
Source: 1000manga

See, told cha..lotsa chicks *laughing*

Some of the important characters.

The storyline tells us about aliens from a different dimension trying to conquer us. And the people able to oppose them are young women warriors trained from a school built by an organization known as Genetics; like Valkryie right? nope2, the guys are also involved with battle, but as protector or shielder known as limiter. This segregation were in place due to only women being able to receive the 'stigmata', the source of their combat power, hence placing them as the attacker. The men receive the power of the limiter from the women through some sort of contract.

So this story revolves around a young enthusiastic boy named Aoi Kazuya with extraordinary limiter power which can freeze space with an A grade student Satellizer L. Bridgette whom everyone is afraid of. Can't tell you much, dun wanna be a spoiler lol.

Part of the plot. The gal is elizabeth mayberry, 2nd in rank in the school.

Coloured version page!!

Rating: 6/10

p/s: the rating is a little low because the frequency of the release is reallllllyyyy low..about 1-2 months once I think but the story is worth it for me to wait.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manhwa review: Nobelesse

This manhua I'm introducing this time is an internet origin manhua. It means, the vertical panel is verrrry long, one must keep on scrolling down and down before going for the next page. The updates are not too frequent. Hence, I have to wait for quite some time to read this manhua. Another thing is, every chapter is very little (around 9-14 pge only). I suspect this is due to the really long panel lol

Title: Nobelesse
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Korean
Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy, Shounen, School life
Source: Mangafox

Rai - i forgot the full name, its crap long haha

Frankenstein/Principal Lee

This manhua revolves around few school kids who associated themselves with a vampire of noble origin. The catch is, this vampire, Rai, has juz wakey from a slumber of 840 years. Hence, he doesn't even know about how to open doors, or play games, or ramen. So, he went to school with those kids, posing as a new cocky transfer student *laughing*. Its really comical, seriously. The storyline is well written, although the background of the panels are always left out blank. The bad guys are rather plain, but sufficient. And of course I love the 2 main characters, they're such a bishie!! The drawings of the character are really nice.

There're about 45 chapters of Nobelesse to date. I recommend this especially to girls who aren't scared of abit of gore, its really worth it. For the bishies of course. really. I tell you.

OMG~ so macho..cannot stand!!!

Rating: 7/10

p/s: Its a fully coloured manhua! XD
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