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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homemade tomyam paste

Preparing your own tomyam paste

- 4 tbs vegetable oil
- 3 lemongrass (2 of em must be smashed a lil to get the aroma out)
- 3 tomatoes*
- 2 big onions*
- 2 x 3 cm galanga (the greater one - do google it to check)/ lengkuas - julienne coursely
- 2 handful of chile de arbol/cili padi*

1. Blend the ingredients with (*) with the addition of 1 lemongrass until smooth (cut the lemongrass in question into small pieces)

2. add in oil into skillet and heat it up at medium level

3. pour in the blended paste into your skillet. At this point, you must stir continuously until the oil came to the surface in small bubbles at the edge of the paste

4. add in yer leftovah lemongrass and galanga and stir summore

yep its done, you'll get the aroma by then..this paste is to make 4 servings of tomyam soup :)

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