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Friday, July 2, 2010

Manga review: The Embalmer

I was actually looking for a new manga to read today. I've screened and screened and screened mangafox. The updates were mostly new mangas which means I have to wait for future episodes after reading 1, 2 chappies. I hate that the most *sigh*.

I think I've read about +-10 new mangas at random before I stumble upon 'the embalmer'. The title caught my interest since I dunno what's embalming is *abit embarassed* Then when clicking on the first page, the first word was the definition of an embalmer; people who performed preservation and restorative techniques on the dead even if it was disfigured terribly for funeral. It's actually a science+art procedure combined together. Very interesting. My heart was touched many times throughout my reading. Am ashamed to admit I shade a couple of tears along the way :P

Title: The Embalmer
Status: Ongoing
Nationality: Japanese
Genre: Drama, Josei, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy
Source: mangafox

Currently at chappie 29, earlier chapters (1-4) were up to 100 pages/vol, hence its a lot to read. It has just been continued to be scanlated this june 10 after it stopped about 2 years ago w/o any update. Althought I'm not sure about the current status, it seems as if it is updated about once/week or more with about 30+ page each time.

This manga follows the life of an embalmer in Japan, Amamiya Shinjyurou, at which he practices his work at an environment that scrutinized men of his profession due to the narrow mindset and misconception present. But due to his unyielding behaviour, he gave salvation to the living by letting them to be close to the dead whom are dear to their heart. From this, he desperately tries to understand the meaning of living and the beauty of treasuring it.

The ultimate love given by not giving, the desperation of the living clinging on to the dead, the paradox of living and dying, you can found every questions that you ever ponder to be illustrated here in such a heart wrenching way. It is a very good manga which deserves a lot more than it should.

I think adult reader would truly appreciate this manga, men or women alike.

Amamiya Shinjyurou, the main character of the manga

One of the dead that has been embalmed. A ballerina died of a tragic accident that damaged her face and sever her legs. The beauty of embalming is that the dead is presented in a form that it looks like he/she is just sleeping peacefully for eternity and is sterile to be touched by discarding all tormenting moments of disease, sickness, and tragic death.

Rating: 8/10

A-class manga. I tell you.

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