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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nadia's Passion Crystal bead bracelet with seawater pearl :)

Throw away all the sorrow dushhh!! (into the dustbin!)

Although a bit weak today, but I feel healthier hoho..a good night's sleep was rare for me..last night with the help of panadol 650, I manage to get mine yay! this morning I feel cramp and sore all over..I think it might be due to deep sleep at which I didn't move at all..(I usually trash around when I sleep haha exercise in sleep ma..)

This morning, MF text me to remind me to prepare a bracelet..frankly speaking I forgot that I sell custom made crystal bead bracelets upon request. (not many knew this, so I didn't have that much customer :P). The customer is a friend of MF's mother in Penang..I'm happy she took an interest in my crafts item :D

So anyone interested, do drop me a line :)

Note: She asked for a green themed crystal bead bracelet. So I made one with the combi of deep teal, sparkling dark green hugging a colourless crystal..the pearl is white, hugged with two golden diamond disc.. I do hope it does fit with her taste :) 

Price: RM12/piece - w/o encircling bead (cheaper by 50cent from cheesy delight! haha)

 Other kinds of colour combinations that I've made for sample..got gold color..red..pink..blue black..its fun to mix and match the colours!


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