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Monday, July 18, 2011

Foodie destinations : Muar, Johore (I)

The jaw dropping sight of Muar river haha. We got bewildered glances from the locals from all the photo taking XD

We spent our last two days eating till we drop. Yes, this place, Muar, is a beautiful old town, origin to many delightful delicacies propagated throughout Malaysia, without doing justice to the original taste and flavour. Have you heard about mee bandung Muar? or Laksa Johor? or kopi 434? Yeap, all comes from here. Tourists don't really come here, they'd rather go to Mont Ledang somewhere further ahead.

Reaching about 5-6 pm, we managed to observe a great view of the Muar river (above pic) at the parking lot of the bus station (and it was only 60 cents! that morning i was charged with MYR 11 at almoda parking >.< marah niiii). It is breathtaking. There's actually no real place of interest to be visited, but many eye catching sights can be seen here if a local would ever be so grateful to give you a tour guide haha.

 Beautiful sights of Muar town, all main roads are one-ways, hence the traffic was quite heavy. Really tired, havta the crossbridge (and climb stairs) T___T

First things first, my buddy Noly brought us to the ever popular grocery shop selling herbs and spices. This is what I really want coz I can get the real prepackaged spice made locally to achieve similar tastes bandung noodles. This is just the opposite of the bus station. We havta use our legs of coz, since the roads were quite small, so could not side park as we like.

 Adami's distributor (is it a sole distributor? didn't quite catch it)

Arrays of herbs and spices in their original dried forms.

Crushed herbs and spices in bulk. 

Mr. Lee told us their shop has been a one-stop-centre for selling these herbs and spices for a really long time. Its where all local cooks gotten their share of secret ingredients (wink!). I myself bought 9-10 assorted packets of prepackaged spice for cooking! weee~ shoo happy!! I think 1 packet is about MYR 3.5, for 7 pax hoo..wanna pick the per-kilo basis spice, this wannabe me couldn't take the risk ^o^||| There's masala, assorted curries, even the spices for the basic chicken rice and god knows what else. Talk about shortcut cooking!

The main store makin+selling the all famous 434 coffee was under maintainence, hence we couldn't get a cup there T____T (sad) what a shame..hmm...its just a couple of shops down from the herbs grocery shop..

 Next, there's a monkey territory, a wee bit further from the main town. It is much nearer to the park and jogging track of Muar. I can't remember the name. The monkeys here were really tame..we gave them some peanuts, and all came swarming around us and even climb on our car! really scary T___T||| I've never seen monkeys this many at one time.

 The lil monkey asking for the peanuts..

The park was a lil further from the monkey territory. Its really breathtaking and scenic, since its about 7 pm at that time. The riverside has been prettied really well..a really nice place for a stroll with benches and trees making it cool and windy..I can even see some young'uns breakdancing on the floor a lil further ahead.

The famous twin mosque situated at both opposite site of the river. Both are identical in shape and colour.

Next, we're going to eat2!

Foodie Destinations: Muar, Johore 

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