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Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Easy Pan-baked black pepper Chicken XD

 Yum2! delicious baked chicken hoo~

Last weekend I went to Pulapol in Jalan Semarak to visit my ex-housemate cum ex-karaokemate cum ex-makan2-jalan2-mate, Wawa with her fiancee, another best buddy Betty, and the family members. No, she's not a detainee from the rally or something, she's actually undergoing a training to become a police officer (you go girl!). So, due to my love for her (cewah!), I went all out and cooked a number of dishes that I think she'd like (during the olden days, we're really kamceng one, we'll take turns to cook for each other each day).

This dish was taught by my mother-in-law, a very easy and quick dish which resulted in a decent meal. Very good as a dish with rice for lunch, or served as a main with some garden salad or something for dinner.

For 4 servings (main dish), or 8 - 10 servings (side dish)

  a wee bit of course salt (for rubbing the body of the chicken to make it sparkling clean, NOT for marination k) (optional)
1 whole chicken  (+- 1.5-2 kg) - cut to 4 main parts with diagonal incisions on the meaty parts
1 packet of Maggi black pepper mix (the yellow package)
sesame seeds and dried rosemary herbs (optional)

This is what the seasoning packet looks like, only MYR2.50/pckt/chicken huuu


1. Clean the chicken by scrubbing it with course salt especially on the skin to remove dirt and grime prior to thorough rinsing with water. Well, if you don't want to, there's no problem as long as you wash it the way you always do. Trim off the unwanted fat and other stuff prior to making incision on the meaty surface, preferably the breast area.

2. Pour all of the powder from the packet and soil the whole surface of the chicken, remember to scrub some into the incision parts as well.

Marinated chicken

3. Leave it in the fridge for +- 8 hours at 4-8C (normal refrigeration area). I placed them in a big container together for the marination to enter the chicken. Normally I will prepare this the night before I bake em in the morning.

4. Arrange the chicken in a two-sided flipping pan. At medium low fire, keep of turning the pan after about 5 mins for a whole hour. With time, the juice will come out and it'll be kinda watery, that's pretty normal, no worries.

Chicken arranged in 2-sided flipping pan

Both side looks the same, my hubby purchased this for me for a gift (happy!), the handles are magnetic so it clips togather when closed and the pan has an o-ring encircling it to prevent leakage. There's a venting hole at the top most part for steam to be released.

5. Use a fork and pierce through the flesh to check, if its clean, than its cooked!

6. Take out the chicken and cook the gravy til thickens, and pour over the chicken, when serve, sprinkle some sesame seeds.

That's it! :)

 I leave some of the gravy coz I know there'll be leftovers. What I did was I shredded the chickens and simmer in the remaining sauce and use em for stuffin' sandwiches the next morning hoho


The goodies for a healthy yummy sandwich

Excuse the messy surroundings T__T that's why I darken it

Err..actually I forgot to photograph of the final result of the yummilicious chicken..was abit in a rush then hooo XDXD but i promise it'll look and taste good

p/s: if you would like the infusion of rosemary flavour to be strong, add in during the 8 h marination, if not, just add prior to pan-baking.

Simply delicious!

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  1. yum..yummy...looks really yummy..hope can try it this weekend..and..simple!


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