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Monday, November 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Jom Ikan Bakar, Padang Mat Sirat, Langkawi

From here on out I will post reviews of the eateries I went in Langkawi, Malaysia :)

Malaysians love 'nasi campur'. It means, rice with other side dishes acompaniments usually a meat and a vege cooking. Nonetheless, the mixtures are limitless..ranging from a small portion of dishes to a ton of dishes added together.  In a Malaysian home, usually there will be about 3-5 dishes accompanied with the hot steamed rice ho..I was really disappointed for not realizing that Sheila's only open during evenings, not noon. Hence, from Pantai Chenang, we drove to Padang Mat Sirat for our lunch at Jom Ikan Bakar, the second choice on the list. The day before that, we have gone to the stall for a late lunch (about 3 pm) but everything were already finished T___T

Synonym to its name, this humble restaurant-stall yellowish look-a-like provides great tastes grilled fish and a lot of assortments of dishes with very cheap prices. I originally take note of this resto-stall in  kucingorengemuk's blog (the writing was funny, hence entertaining lol, anyway the meaning of the blog's name is fried fat cat haha). The restaurant looks shabby..but the number of tables available did show its popularity. I suspect this place is only visited by the locals (those sceptical tourists won't realize what they missed haha). [ehem, its good tho..if not the price will skyrocket suddenly huu]

I was pleasantly overwhelmed [more like super excited] by the variation present, although very bad lighting reduced the picture taken significantly..everything here is DIY..from taking the dishes, rice, drinks..haha..

I took a big siakap from the hut in front where a guy was feverishly fanning the flames (is the name baramundi or sea bass hmm?). The delight was grilled crisp with a blend of chillies and some spices (SOOOO LOVELY!). Like a makcik-makcik, of course I got the one right of the grill! the grill-bro was laughing at my antics :P

my ma took some lala (clams? or izzit known as mussels?) stirred fried in chillies as well (a little overcook but still very tasty)..love the chilli sauceeee...cannot tahan one...

and some long beans (just so-so)...[moi a true carnivore grrrr huhu]

And you know what? all these dishes + some fresh veges as ulam (salad) + sambal belacan with 3 rice, and 3 drinks = MYR 37.00!  O___O (1 siakap dish usually will costs around MYR 40/fish)

The bro who's grilling the fish..kudos to you bro~ :D

My verdict?


Look at the evidence! haha

Jom Ikan Bakar,
Padang Mat Sirat, Langkawi
GPS coordinate: (will be edited in later - my gps is dead, left the wire 400km away)

Operating hours:
advisable to go at 11 am - 2 pm

Rating: 8/10

P/s: When the restaurant is on your  right, a lil in front there'll be a night market (although it started operating at about 5 like dat) on your right after a traffic light :) can get good + cheap light food for munching over there as well..provided its a Sunday la haha..

I never regret eating there..will go again for the grilled catfish next time..my fave yum2!!

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